Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Marker Review

The Planet Eclipse Etha is a paintball marker that asks for a serious investment in the game. But there is absolutely no doubt, that it ensures a truly amazing user experience.

What you want is a paintball gun that is easy to use, provides firing accuracy and is overall reliable. Well, it is exactly what the Etha by Planet Eclipse is. Knowing that, it is worth taking a better look at the gun and its specification.

As mentioned, the Planet Eclipse Etha has been built for beginners in paintball. Yet the quality of this gun provides everything that is needed for experienced players as well.


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Nothing will slow you down while playing, as the gun is small and lightweight. The same goes for cleaning. Even a beginner could do the work fast and easy.

Different firing modes, such as capped and uncapped semi-automatic, allows for different firing experiences. Each layer, regardless of the skill level will find this gun truly amazing to use.

The kickback after firing is very little, and a drop of can be noticed only after firing around 1000 paintballs, with a 4000 psi fill.

The Etha marker comes with a built-in SL 3 regulator. It handles different tank output pressures, and allows to boost the performance of this gun.

When it comes to maintenance it is similar to other Planet Eclipse guns.

There is just no touch to do, and the gun will continue to provide great performance.

It is worth taking into account that the shooting accuracy is truly high. This is important for players of all levels. And we are happy to see, that a gun of this quality comes with a relatively low market value.

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Marker


  • Does not chop paintballs
  • Rapid firing
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great features for a gun of its market value


  • Relatively loud when shooting

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