Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker Review

Dangerous Power G5: one of the paintball markers that comes from the well known line of Dangerous paintball markers.

A gun that has managed to catch the attention of many players all over the world because of what it delivers, while earning a place among other paintball markers, with a relatively low market value.

Which actually makes it more valuable!

This is what makes the G5 such a special marker.

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While taking a look at the G5 it soon becomes clear that the gun is made for beginners in paintball. At the same time one should not worry about what this marker offers, as it is packed with different features, for a better user experience.

The gun is easy to use, which is a huge benefit for beginners. What is more, the design provides easy cleaning and maintenance.

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The 13 inch barrel ensures good accuracy from a reasonable distance. The shooting itself is made easy with a micro-switch blade trigger. The complete G5 marker is truly lightweight, which makes moving around easy, when combined with the previously mentioned features.

When it comes to firing, the G5 paintball marker does not stop to impress. The mechanism provides a chance to fire up to 20 balls per second. That is without a doubt a very high rate of firing.

What is more, this gun has 5 different modes of fire that you can program! These modes are: tournament mode, burst, ramp, semi automatic and full automatic.

The maintenance is made easy with the simple bolt assembly and the On/Off ASA with bleed, therefore HPA valve can be easily removed and attached.

The loader holds in place with the clamping lock feedback. This also makes it easier to remove and attach the loader, which is great for beginners.


  • Packed with good features
  • Light weight
  • Hose-less gas through design
  • Plenty of necessary hand room
  • Good trigger action
  • Good air efficiency


  • Gives some kick
  • The bolts need to be lubricated regularly to prevent from sticking

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