Tippmann x7 Phenom Paintball Gun Review

Good for a beginner or a pro?

This gun is great for a beginner to intermediate player. For woodsball, rec or scenario play it is a good gun for all levels.

This gun is sturdy and reliable, and runs in electro and mechanical mode, making it an ideal scenario or woodsball gun, no questions asked.

The gun has many great features, but agility and maneuverability are not at the top of the list making it an unlikely choice for professional level play.

Many players get their start on Tippmann guns, and they are a favorite of rec ball and woodsball players, but as far as being a ‘pro’ level gun, probably not.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Review of the main Features

The x7 Phenom .68 Caliber Semi-automatic Open bolt blow forward spool valve gun is one of Tippmann’s most popular and advanced guns. It is an elecrto/pneumatic gun which means it can shoot in mechanical and electronic mode via a three selector switch to change modes on the fly.

It can use Co2 or HPA, The included cyclone hopper holds 200 balls and has a feed rate of 20 balls per second. The gun can fire 15 balls per second out of the box. The stock barrel is 9.5” long, the gun is 19.75” total length and weighs a hefty 3.91 lbs without the tank.

All aluminum body and pushpin construction make it easy to disassemble and put back together.

Magnetically activated all metal Hall effect trigger comes as a stock item out of the box.

Can be modified and customized into over 1000 different milsim looks. Integrated FlexValve technology reduce operation PSI and recoil while improving gas/air efficiency.

Picatinny rails to add hundreds of modifications and customizations to truly make your gun unique.

The x7 Phenom comes stock with a modular fore grip, front and back sights, a quick release mag with integrated tool storage. The gas/air line is built into the frame.

Our Tippmann x7 Phenom Review

Tippmann x7 Phenom Pros:

  • Electro-pneumatic grip means this gun runs in mechanical or electrical mode with the flip of a switch. If your batter dies, you are not out of the game, we can not think of another gun like this. Flipping between electro and mechanical can also save battery and paint resources which is helpful.
  • Cyclone hopper comes stock out of the box with the x7 Phenom, now with softer paddles. The hopper can be upgraded with super soft paddles to accommodate softer paintballs also. The cyclone hopper is a air assisted hopper that feeds 20 balls per second. The cyclone hopper uses no batteries, a plus in our department.
  • The gas/air tube is internal on this gun, so it stays out of the way and wont be damaged.
  • The gun has an external velocity adjustment.
  • This gun, and all parts for it are made in the USA, something hard to find.
  • The x7 Phenom is a bit smaller and lighter then the previous model x7.
  • The x7 Phenom has very few ball breaks, and upgrading to softer paddles helps with this.
  • This gun is fast. It is able to shoot 15 balls per second and run at full auto after firing the trigger 4 times in quick succession to activate full auto mode.
  • This gun is sturdy are reliable, just like all Tippmann guns. They are literally quite hard to damage, which makes them great beginner guns and woodsball guns. Many owners use the same gun for 10 years or more.
  • The gun has a great and realistic milsim look, along with many milsim customizations, you can create 100’s of unique looks to make the gun your own.
  • The selector switch allows you to easily switch between semi and burst depending on your current needs which helps you in a tough situation, and allows you to save resources when you are not.
  • The gun is low maintenance and uses tool less pins to assemble and disassemble. The gun only needs to be lubed every 10000 shots. The parts are easy to get and easy to replace. The x7 Phenom can be serviced in under 10 minutes.
  • Upgrading and customizing are easy thanks to the tool-less pins and picatinny rails to mount accessories.
  • This gun has almost no recoil due to the low psi FlexValve system, and has been improved from previous models.
  • Tippmann has excellent customer service, easy to get spare parts and the company is easy to contact, often helping folks in the fields at events free of charge. They are always ready to lend a hand and answer questions, another reason they are great guns for beginners.
  • Gun works with Co2 and HPA making it quite versatile. The gas or HPA also run the cyclone hopper.

Tippmann x7 Phenom Cons:

  • The 9.5” stock barrel is not that great, most folks upgrade this first.
  • Must use high quality 9 volt batteries like Duracell or Eveready, or else you run into trouble with the electrical system.
  • The performance as far as distance and accuracy is similar to the 98 Custom and the A5.
  • The gun is heavy, it weighs 3.91 lbs without the tank and when you add in the tank with extra rounds, it can be a lot to pack around.
  • The build of the gun is bulky and square, and hard to maneuver quickly.
  • When the gun is too cold it is not very consistent with the chrono readings, and can be 20 to 30 fps off.

This concludes our Tippmann x7 Phenom review. We hope you found what you were looking for.

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