GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun Review

If you are in the market for a paintball marker and are considering the GoG eNMEy our GoG eNMEy review will give you the low down on this popular marker.


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Beginner or Pro Gun?

This gun is an entry level paintball marker with a price to match. It is a mechanical spool valve marker with no electronic parts. It was made to compete with the Spyders or the Azodins.  It is a low pressure gun designed for safety, durability and ease of use.

The gun has a spool driven valve, and this, along with the fact that it has a low psi, mean the gun has a lot less kick or recoil than other guns at the same level. It is also much quieter than other guns in this class.

Overall it is very clear that the GOG eNMEy reviewed as is, out of the box is a beginner level gun.

Upgrades can improve the gun performance and there are features you can add to make this gun suitable for intermediate to advanced levels down the road. The gun can grow with the player.

GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun

GoG eNMEy review Features

  • The Gog eNMEy accepts Co2 and HPA, an integrated release valve protects the system from spikes in pressure sometimes associated with Co2.
  • Integrated regulator insures the gun is always shooting at a safe psi and maintains a consistent pressure.
  • Pneumatic spool valve design means no batteries, no hammer and no drive spring which cuts down on wear.
  • The Bolt screws out the back making it easy to maintain. Main valve is easy to remove and replace also.
  • GOG eNMEy is made with a machined aluminum receiver and composite polymer shell, making the gun extremely light.
  • The trigger is incredibly short, a couple thousandths of an inch and needs only about a pound of pressure.
  • Body color can be easily changed with a body color kit, a fun upgrade to make the gun unique.
  • There is an electronic kit upgrade available that will give it eyes, a solenoid for the trigger, game modes and will allow a nice upgrade to the gun.
  • Low force anti chop, the low pressure on the bolt allow it to recover from mis-fed balls without breaks in the barrel.

Our GoG eNMYy review


  • Since the gun is spool driven and low psi, it has a lot less kick or recoil than other guns in its range.
  • The gun is very light, seriously, its light enough for a newbie 10 year old to play with.
  • The gun has a simple design and is easy to maintain. The both screws out the back, you can lube it and return it. Very simple.
  • The gun comes with a set of Allen wrenches, o-rings, and extra dtent, barrel sock, a 10”barrel and fold out manual.
  • Because of the spool valve design it shoots very smoothly unlike blowback markers you typically see at this level. It is also very quiet.
  • The GOG eNMEy has the same regulator as the LUXE, and operates at around 190 psi
  • All mechanical marker means you never have to worry about batteries, and it holds up under more trying weather conditions without dealing with fussy electronics.
  • The marker is very balanced with the tank and hopper attached and feels great to hold. Holding it feels natural, not awkward. It has wrap around grip on the handles for a great grip, and the frame is contoured, adding to the ergonomics.
  • The marker has an ASA ( but no on/off switch)
  • The trigger is very light to pull, and only needs about a pound of pressure to activate.
  • The gun consistently chronos at +/- 5 psi and is a safe gun to use.
  • The trigger is easily adjustable as the springs are located under the rubber grip. The factory sets the spring at the second hole, but there are 8 available settings.
  • The GOG eNMEy is very durable and the gun is sometimes used as a rental gun because it is so durable and easy to maintain.
  • Air efficient marker, especially efficient when compared to other guns in the same class.


  • Unfortunately, while the gun does have an ASA, the ASA has no on/off switch, which means that it is not easy to depressurize the tank before removal.
  • The feed neck is not a clamping feed neck and many players upgrade this to a metal clamping feed neck as the first upgrade.
  • The feed neck is tall and plastic. It has been known to shear off the gun, which is why a metal lower profile feed neck is usually one of the first upgrades made to this gun.
  • The gun uses a braided steel line instead of a macroline for air. This is also another thing players upgrade once they buy this gun.
  • The detents wear quickly. Although the spare parts kit has a replacement you may want to invest in a few more, or investing in better quality detents.
  • The gun tends to leak air or gas when the trigger is pressed. Bummer. You can adjust the trigger spring (under the grip) to make the pull shorter which will minimize the air, but this only helps so much.
  • Many feel the stock barrel needs to be upgraded, and they are right. The ASA, feed neck and Macroline should be first though.
Our Gog eNMEy review Rating: 7.7/10

If you are looking for a Gog eNMEy this gun is great for beginners and light enough for young players and at a reasonable price.

We also like that it can be upgraded and improved as a new player improves. This gun should last several happy pain-filled years.