Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun Review

Is this a gun for beginners or pros?

The Dangerous Power E1 was released in 2011. It is a budget priced low end, beginner level electro pneumatic marker, defiantly not a pro-level or advanced player gun.

It is light and snappy, and has many features a pro gun has; making it great for younger players just getting a start. This is not to say that you should dismiss the gun, it has plenty of bang for the very few bucks it costs, if you know what I am saying.


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Dangerous power E1 review features

Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun

  • Pnuematic-Electro gun
  • Marker is easy to maintain and has only six o-rings and two moving parts
  • The Bolt can be serviced by removing one screw.
  • Semi auto and full auto firing modes
  • Includes barrel sleeve or sock
  • Cocker threaded 9.5 inch barrel included.
  • Operates at 200 psi, considered a low pressure gun.
  • On/Off ASA to safely de-gas your tank with a turn of the knob
  • Pressure regulator
  • Anti-chop eyes with reinforced covers
  • On/Off button that also functions as a mode selector
  • Adjustable trigger allows you to set the trigger to your liking so you can learn to ‘walk the trigger’ and other shooting techniques
  • Weighs 1.9 lbs, just under a kilo with battery, feed neck and barrel installed
  • Oversized trigger guard allows you to ‘walk the trigger’
  • Uses 9v Battery
  • Accepts compressed air and Nitrogen
  • Spool Valve Marker
  • Marker length is 15.38 inches and 7.58 inches tall, a very compact marker.

Our dangerous power e1 review


  • This gun can be used with high or low pressure tanks.
  • This gun has an On/off ASA to safely de-gas and easily de-gasses by turning the knob on the back of the ASA.
  • This gun is considered light for it’s class, weighing just under two pounds. Upgrading to a carbon fiber barrel make it even lighter.
  • Great price, gun is within reach of many players, financially.
  • 2 firing modes, Semi and 20 balls per minute. This is OK for a beginner, but an advanced level player will need more firing modes and the 20 balls per minute is not allowed at most fields.
  • The gun is fast and shots relatively accurately.
  • This marker has a Three point trigger adjustment.
  • There are a fair amount of upgrade capabilities for this gun.
  • The gun manual has useful diagrams and parts lists so it is easy for a player to maintain and fix their own gun. Parts from Dangerous Power are reasonably priced.
  • The gun is efficient with air, not a gas hog.
  • This gun is quiet when shooting.
  • Marker can be used by those who are left or right handed.
  • Fast enough to keep up with speedball capped at 25 balls per second.
  • Features Dump Valve Technology. A dump valve is sometimes known as a spool valve and stores air in a chamber and ‘dumps’ a set amount of air when fired. This is in contrast to a poppet valve which has air continually and opens a pin valve so air can escape for a split second. Dump valves are, by design, less expensive to manufacture and faster to shoot.
  • Includes a stock 9.5 inch .68 barrel that can be upgraded with any barrel that has matching threads.


  • The pressure does not automatically release from the regulator. To release pressure in the regulator turn the eye off and dry fire until the pressure is released.
  • Compared to other similar guns in the same class, this gun has a lot of kick and recoil and tends to move somewhat while shooting.
  • Does not come with a loader or hopper.
  • Does not accept Co2, ONLY use High Pressure air HPA or nitrogen. Co2 will damage the electronics.
  • HPR Gauge is sold separately.
  • The battery will drain if left in the gun. Boo! You need to use a hex key and remove the left grip panel to install a battery.
  • Can not use Co2 with this gun.
  • Tends to chop brittle paint.
  • Feed neck hopper is secured by o-rings, it really should have been a clamping feed neck, it is not very secure. The feed neck can not hold most hoppers well.
  • No LPR to adjust pressure.
  • The macroline may leak, or the ASA may leak on some units.
  • Some markers have issues with the bolt sticking.
  • The gun is smaller than an invert mini and can be uncomfortable during extended play.
  • Only two firing modes tends to limit play possibilities and does not work well for tournaments. This gun is OK for field play for a beginner, or possibly woodsball. The board can be upgraded to fix this issue.
  • While the gun is easy to maintain and service, it tends to require a lot of maintenance and repair.
Dangerous power E1 review Rating 6.9 /10

Overall the Dangerous E1 is defiantly a beginner level gun. It has a lot of features that intermediate level markers have, the limited modes and maintenance issues bar the marker from being a mid level marker.

It would be OK as a beginner gun, a backup marker or a loaner for unexpected players, but as an everyday marker it is very fussy.

The price is good, it can’t be beat.

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