Best Paintball Hoppers: TOP Hoppers Reviewed

With numerous paintball hoppers in the market today, choosing the best one can be tricky. Consequently, prospective buyers need to take their time when searching for the ideal hopper to meet their needs.

Additionally, prospective hopper buyers need to gather as much information as possible on the best paintball hoppers in order to get the best deal.

To help you settle for the best hopper, here is a comprehensive list of the top hoppers for this year:

The Dye Precision Rotorb

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This is certainly one of the best hoppers in the market in this day and age. Definitely it beats the rest hands down. It is a sweetheart of the professionals. It is preferred by pros because of its super fast feeding and solid design. You can rest assured that this Rotor will keep your ride smooth regardless of whether the game is fast paced or not.

Some of its incredible attributes include the fact that it is highly efficient and sturdy. It also has an amazing solid design and ultra fast feeding capability. This ensures that you will not experience any issues to do with jamming throughout your tournament.

Furthermore, the Dye Precision Rotor is extremely easy to assemble. This is because it is paired with an anti-jam lever. The lever provides users with an easy time when gaming and the ultimate peace of mind.

The fast and easy reload feature ensures you never run out of balls.

The Empire Halo

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This paintball loader will surely give you your money’s worth. One of the best paintball hoppers, the Empire Halo perfectly suits the newbies. Speedball newbies should not think twice before buying it. This is for sure.

The out of this world performance of this magnificent loader is definitely enough to make it the best in its league. The fact that its budget is almost half of similar loaders is definitely a big plus for it. Its affordability makes it a great choice for any paintball enthusiast.

So what are some of the great salient features of this loader?

Well, it has the ability to force-feed over twenty balls per second. What a rate! The ultra quiet belt allows players to throw plenty of balls in the opponent’s direction consistently without stopping. Its reload mechanism is beyond brilliant.

Moreover, it brings with it a Free-way Anti Jam feature that prevents it from breaking and/or jamming the paint balls. This ensures that you have a constant supply of balls throughout. It also ensures that players remain focused throughout their tournament.

The Tippman Cyclone Feeder System

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With this, it surely does not matter how fast your marker is. This feeder can keep up with any speed. Yes, that is how incredible it is. It will never disappoint you. You can use it with markers such as the Tippman 98, Project Salvo, and Alpha Black Elite.

Top among the list of salient features of this hopper is that it is more than fast. What’s more is that it can easily run without any batteries. The feed system is normally connected to an air loader system that allows synchronized balls to feed up to 15kps into the marker.

When you purchase this one, it comes with a low profile hopper with a two hundred round capacity that is absolutely free. There is no better deal than this in the market out there.

Proto Primo

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This is the perfect loader for those looking forward to save money but don’t want to deal with having to put batteries. It is more than affordable. With this hopper, you don’t have to shake your paintball gun so that you get the paintballs to feed. It can run smoothly even without batteries and a motor.

Being the first of its kind, the Proto Primo is designed to relieve pressure on the paint reducing jams. Users enjoy increased feed rates. With a minimal gun agitation, the Proto Primo helps to sort and funnel as a player shoots for a consistent vertical feed.

The Proto Primo takes pride in its clear spring lid that ensures an easy reload. Its large opening works brilliantly with the proto alpha pods.

It features 8+ balls per every second feet rate.

Virtue Spire Electric loader

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The first thing that strikes the most about this loader is its design. It is sleek and comes in an array of colors. As much as its budget is steep, its incredible features will surely blow your mind. It best suits the intermediates. If you are looking to get more out of your loader’s features, then this is the hopper for you.

The Virtue Spire is small. It can hold roughly two hundred paintballs. It brings with it the slide to unlock feature for disassembling. To enjoy no jams, it has a spring anti-jam drive.

Pinokio hopper

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The Pinokio Hopper is totally revolutionizing the paintball playing field. This hopper is the world’s only two hundred and fifty round electronic hopper that is a two in one.

It comes with a fully maximizing lane shooting. Its feed rate surpasses the thirty plus balls per second. Being one of the lightest hoppers available, this loader has a volumizer attachment installed.

It is packaged with two fronts – a smaller, more compact one for speed ball and a large capacity for the woods ball/scenario.

Best paintball hoppers – Q Loader

The Q loader allows players to remove the hopper system and use a pod that is spring powered. The pod is normally located beneath the paint ball guns barrel. It feeds the paint balls into the paintball gun. Its performance best suits the intermediates.

Empire Scion

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The Empire Scion is almost identical to Invert Halo TOO hopper. However, it offers an easy way to change the batteries. The hopper does not use any sound to activate. Alternatively, it takes six AA batteries compared to the four its compatriot uses.

This Scion uses an eye system to tell when to spin. It is definitely worth its expense. It best suits the beginners or intermediates.

Empire Prophecy Z

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This hopper is highly affordable. Actually, it is best known for being inexpensive. One of its incredible attributes is that it does not jam frequently. Another amazing feature of this hopper is that it is made of extremely durable plastics. You can get it in Black, Camo or white colors. It is best for beginners.

Basic two hundred round hopper

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As the ideal hopper for beginners, this loader is great for short distance shooting. It also favors beginners because it is slow in terms of the amount of paintballs at a time. With this hopper, users can shoot approximately five to ten shots.

After shooting these number of balls, you have to shake it so that the balls can fall into the paintball gun. It is more than affordable.

The Empire Axe

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This is one of the best Empire Paintball’s in the market today. It best suits those looking for a top of the range electro-pneumatic marker. The Empire Axe is ideal for anyone who wants something to start with in the low-level tournaments. An incredible attribute about this paintball is that it is extremely easy to not only use but also maintain.

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With its high quality material and light weight, this Axe will give you the intense bang you need for your buck. You’ll definitely fall in love with its sheer firepower, simplicity for strip cleaning and no kick or recoil. The Empire Axe boasts of consistency and efficiency. With it, you enjoy less wasted paintballs.

The Empire Invert Mini

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This is a step up in the paintball game. It is best for the intermediates. The Empire Invert Mini is a small package with big firepower. It weighs under two lbs. This model takes pride in its extremely high fire rate.

Users also have an easy time when it comes to maintenance. You only need to maintain three parts. These are the bot, breach, and barrel. This is one of the features that make it a darling of many.

To spice things up a little more, the Empire Invert Mini is extremely quiet. You can use during a nights ball game and hardly be heard.

The Tippmann Army Alpha Black Elite

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Resembling an elite sniper’s machine, this marker is a dream of many. In the market today, it remains one of the most budget friendly military imitation paintball markers. The main reason behind this is that this marker is strictly meant to be for a military simulation as well as training.

It is as accurate as the M16 rifle.

Looking great, this model is readily available online for purchase. Enjoying a plastic and matte black accurate finish, this model is highly realistic that the US army uses it for training exercises. It comes in handy in teaching fire control and squad teamwork. Its use by the army has seen it become an official licensed product.

This model perfectly suits the pros.

The Tippmann US Army Salvo

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Looking extremely cool, the Salvo is usually based off the AR-15. The Salvo is an incredible marker for the beginners. It is also magical for the military simulated marker enthusiasts. It retails at a highly affordable budget.

For sure, this model is easily upgradable. It is so effortless to upgrade that users can use it as a start marker to get into the paintball.

Although the marker can be mechanical, it boasts of high accuracy levels. This is unlike other the other cheap mechanical markers in the market. With the others, a user has to find the most appropriate velocity to fire at. It is great for professionals.

You might be a veteran who wants to start out in paintball. Alternatively, you might be a veteran who wants to try something totally new altogether.

To get the best paintball marker, you must know and understand what you want. Understand your play style. Additionally, understand how the style you are playing is going to change in the near future.

After figuring it out, then you will be able to understand exactly what you need to do to get one of the best paintball hoppers in the market today. If you are unsure of what you want, carefully look at other players and inquire from them about their experiences.

The experiences of other players during friendly matches or tournaments will equip you with the right information about the best hopper to settle for.

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