Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker Review

Is the Empire Sniper Pump Marker for Pros or beginners?

This mid level priced auto cocker pump gun is packed with features and is a high quality marker. It was released in 2011 by Empire as their offer for a pump style marker.


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It is good for intermediate to pro level players who prefer pump style markers.

This is most definitely a pump marker for pros, advanced players and intermediate players. Pump guns are generally not recommended for newbie’s, Pump guns are a style one graduates into.

The Empire Sniper is designed for tournament play. This gun was designed based on the original WPG gun of the same name from 1986.

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

Empire Sniper Review

Features they kept everything that was great about the past marker and incorporated today’s technology into the mix for a top notch, yet mid-price range pump action marker.

  • Accepts Co2 or compressed air.
  • Aluminums body
  • Gun comes stock with 14” barrel and three barrel back bore sizes, .675, .680 and .685 inches.
  • Removable vertical pump handle assist plate aka hit man mod
  • Clamping feed elbow
  • Low pressure marker set at 225 from the factory
  • Auto-trigger feature for rapid fire mode
  • Ten round feed system is stock with his marker
  • Features a Derlin sled and pump handle
  • Vertical feed design
  • Gauge reads up to 300 psi and can be mounted on either side
  • On/off ASA
  • Dual pump rods for a smooth steady pump, made from stainless steel for durability.

Our Empire Sniper Review


  • Pressure can be adjusted using the included Allen Wrench with the regulator, easy to tune because of the built in gauge. Note, set the pressure at 225 and adjust velocity through the velocity adjuster in the back. Raising the pressure to increase pressure becomes ineffective after a certain pressure.
  • Hammer lug adjustment made using an Allen wrench.
  • Auto Trigger mode fires a paintball with each forward pump stroke. You can feel hammer release so you know where the release point is on the pump.
  • Vertical pump can be removed using the two screws.
  • Includes a ten round feed system that is installed where the clamping feed neck is.
  • Very quiet operation,
  • Has a built in safety
  • Maintains Consistent pressure and cronos at +/- 5
  • Has a 45 degree macro line.
  • This gun is smooth and fast enough to allow you to hold your ground with Semi automatic players.
  • The clamping feed neck allows you to install just about any feed neck you want.
  • This gun comes with a fantastic barrel kit with three versatile and useful sizes 675, .680 and .685 inches. The Barrel kit alone is worth a third of the price of the gun.  Allows you to shoot height quality paint which tends to be smaller in diameter.
  • Trigger pull is smooth and snappy, no snagging or rubbing.
  • Comes with the hit man mod which allows the player to hold the regulator and pull the pump with their fingers at the same time and causes the gun to shoot more like  a semi-automatic.
  • Shoots straight and is an accurate gun.
  • If you maintain the gun properly it is reasonably reliable.
  • Super long 14” stock barrels are great.
  • Great on paint. If you tend to use a lot of paint and want to cut down, go with a pump marker. You will improve your game at the same time.
  • Easy to access and replace the detents from the exterior of the marker.
  • The bolt slides out the back for maintenance.
  • The Empire Sniper can accept The popular POPS ASA right on the grip frame. A nice mod to have.


  • If you don’t pull the pump all the way back, the pump can get stuck and you have to re-pump it.
  • The gun will not shoot through a broken paintball in the barrel. You must clean the break with a squeegee or barrel swab.
  • The gun farts if you hold the pump forward, it can be quite farty when the auto trigger is used.
  • The gun does not come with a case, but in a cardboard box with foam inserts, which is too bad since it does come with an awesome barrel kit and that should e kept with the gun. A case would be handy.
  • The pump is stiff, compared to a CCM
  • It is possible the detents may cause the bolt to stick.
  • The gun was not released with a lot of color options, so if your thinking of getting a gun to match your dress you are out of luck.
  • The maintenance can be tedious
  • The detents do not hold paint in the chamber, the prevent a double feed. If you turn the marker upside down the paint will return from whence it came. You can try using a smaller bore to fix the issue.
Empire Sniper Review Rating:  8/10

This is a solid pump gun and great for anyone who loved to play pump style, or those wanting to try their hand at pump style play.

The CCM pump gun is preferred by some over this Empire Sniper, but the sniper also has its fair share of loyal fans. It is a gun that is likely to be around for a while.

The Empire is one of the best bang for your buck, best value pump markers available.