Azodin Kaos-D II Semi-Auto Paintball Marker Review 2017

The Azodin Kaos-D II is one of the best entry level paintball marker guns available in the market. This mechanical marking device is quite similar in body construction and feel as other marker products from Azodin.

Azodin is a relatively new entrant in the paintball world, but is quickly building its reputation in providing quality for low end entry level markers. The Kaos-D II features just that and is one of the lightest markers, weighing only 2.1 lbs.

This makes it one of the lightest marker guns to be used in paintball in the world today.


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The Kaos-D II features Azodin’s proprietary zero system, which enables the adjustment of velocity. The system can be operated by either tightening or loosening a bolt situated on the back of the marker using an Allen wrench.

For a low end product, this marker proves to be quite reliable, is very easy to maintain and is also surprisingly accurate.

The semi-automatic Kaos-D II is really quick for a mechanical gun and features a nice sturdy trigger.

Azodin Kaos-D II Blue King

About the Azodin Kaos-D II paintball marker

The Kaos-D II features a very sturdy construction and is very lightweight and easy to use. Probably one of the best features of this marker is the plastic composite bolt featured.

The bolt can be adjusted in order to control the velocity. It can also be easily disassembled from the marker using a pull pin on the top.

This allows for easy cleaning of the internal parts of the marker after use.

The trigger featured on the Kaos-D II is a double trigger, which is both light as well as sturdy. The response of the trigger is quick and the marker is extremely fast for a mechanical firing device. The striker of the gun is also said to be lighter by almost 30% as compared to other markers.

This reduces both the amount of recoil and also the mass of internal movements of paint inside the marker on firing a shot. While this is a great design feature that vastly improves the performance of the marker and improves longevity of the device, it does make the marker slightly noisy.

Azodin Kaos-D II Titanium

The Kaos-D II also features Azodin’s proprietary clamping Feedneck which improves the tightening of the loader to the marking device. Clamping style feednecks prove to be the best in class and this allows holding and tightening of loads to be done without too many problems.

The design of the feedneck is also of the low rise type, which allows for a reduction in the marker’s profile and keeps the hopper close to the player’s breach.

The barrel featured on the marker is a 14 inch one piece shaft which offers reliable consistency. This is a great improvement on the typical threaded auto-cocker shafts featured on most low end markers and on older Kaos models.

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The Kaos-D II also features a great regulator which allows the mounting of low pressure inline tanks. It also offers stacked blow back in a tube which, combined with the bolt ensure that a consistent shot is fired each time. The air flow inside the marker and the low operating pressure make for great accuracy of fired shots.

These features have been brilliantly implemented by Azodin and using the marker is a snap. The marker is also extremely easy to maintain and clean, with most parts and areas of the marker being easily accessible.

The ergonomic design of the Kaos-D II also deserves a worthy mention. While the marker is specially designed to reduce the total amount of recoils and kickbacks, it is also extremely lightweight and very easy to use. The grip frame of the marker is lined with rubber to allow for an excellent grip even when running around.

The construction of the body is durable and sturdy.

Azodin uses only high quality parts for the Kaos-D II and offers the marker in five different finish options of different polished colors and dust options.

Azodin Kaos-D II Ninja

Final words

The gun proves to be a surprisingly good quality marker for an entry level product. While it is lightweight and incredibly easy to use, the marker also offers some great and nifty features.

This marker is also reliable, durable, consistent and accurate. Azodin seems to be quickly building on its reputation in the low end marker segment with the popularity of the Kaos-D II rising rapidly.

Another quality product from Azodin, the Kaos-D II is definitely one of the best quality entry level marker paintball guns available today and it most certainly deserves all the attention and the hype that it is receiving.