The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Marker Complete Review

The Empire Axe Pro is a premium paintball marker which is thoroughly engineered to provide high performance and reliability. This marker is ideal to be used in paintball tournaments and it can withstand heavy usage over long and intense play sessions.

The design and the ergonomics of this marker have been taken into good consideration and the maker fits better onto a users’ hand as also feels great during paintball wars.

Adjustment of the marker can be done quite easily and the device is also incredibly simple to clean and maintain.

It offers a number of high end and premium features which make it one of the most powerful and sought after marker weapons in paintball.

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About the Empire Axe Pro 

While the Axe Pro has been around for some time and has already gained a lot of popularity, the Axe Pro features a large number of improvements and upgrades.

This includes better waterproofing of the marker, a better trigger and also a better guard.

While the first Axe model was launched in 2011, the latest model has come a long way and features a much more advanced relay, a much better and sturdier clamping feedneck of the marker and a double piece barrel.

The bolt system featured in this model has also been simplified and the adjustment of the marker can be done quite easily with the help of two hex wrenches. Cleaning and maintenance of this marker is much easier than it was in earlier Axe models.

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The Axe Pro has a new design and it fits just perfectly into a player’s hands. The grip frame of this marker is extended which allows for a comfortable and secure grip even through extended periods of play.

While it features most of the proven features of earlier models from Empire, all of these are packed into an all new package and design. This is one of the newest paintball markers to have come out on the market.

Some of the features of the Axe Pro include

  • ASA Regulator with a relay for switching on and off. This allows for easy removal and fixing of tanks.
  • Push button system for the removal of the bolt of the marker. This offers incredible ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Grip is made of comfortable material and features an extended frame.
  • The trigger of the marker features a bearing which is magnetically returned. This lessens the recoil and offers a smooth firing action.
  • The marker features a two piece barrel made of aluminum. The barrel is lightweight and accurate, while also sturdy.
  • The Break Beam Eye system featured in this marker prevents the chopping of balls internally inside the device.
  • The consistency of the velocity of firing is impeccable and is highly reliable.
  • The marker operates on low pressure tanks, which proves to be gentle on the paints.
  • The marker features four adjustable firing modes, namely a semi-automatic mode, a PSP ramping mode, a millennium ramping mode and an NXL mode.
  • Fast firing is exhibited by the marker due to a proprietary and patented solenoid slipstream implementation by Empire.
  • There is no chance of breakage of paint as there are no hoses or any crimping requirements.
  • The feedneck featured on this marker is of the clamping type and requires no additional tools for mounting the loader onto the device.

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The Axe Pro is extremely easy to use. It exhibits high quality features and proves to be a major improvement on the already raved about Axe models in the past.

While the feedneck and some other parts of the marker may be upgraded in order to achieve even better performance from this device, the stock version of the Axe Pro marker proves to be more than adequate for most purposes.

This high performance and rugged machine can handle extended sessions and is meant to last for a good time. The added features that the bolt of the maker is easily adjustable and that the marker can also be easily kept clean are also great upsides and increase the value of this product manifold.

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The Empire Axe Pro is a premium product from the reputed and established brand, Empire. It offers all of the best features that have been offered by previous models combined into a sleek and great looking new package.

It is no wonder that this product is rapidly gaining popularity despite being newly launched and is receiving rave reviews from users all over the world.

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