Your Your Complete Azodin Blitz Paintball Gun Review

Azodin is one of the newest companies in paintball industries, but they have a bunch of great products. This product particularly comes with a Zen2 board available with a variety of firing modes.

Blitz is capable of firing 20 balls per second and weights only 2,46 lbs. This paintball gun is a great entry level electronic marker and if you have a limited budget, this is the gun, that you should take.

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About Azodin Blitz Paintball Gun

The new high performance valve design brings a new level of air efficiency, accuracy and overall performance when comparing the standard Blitz to the new Azodin Blitz, which unveiled in 2011. Azodin Blitz is not only a smooth shooting marker but also has the accuracy that can only be found in a spool valve marker design.

The Azodin Blitz is a quite reliable marker. Because of its blow-back design, it is not so similar to markers like electronic Spyders by design. The bolt is easily removed so it would avoid scratches and wear in the breach.

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Its features

  • A Zen2 board is very easy to use, because it has two buttons, an on/off and a firing mode cycle. The stock board comes with four firing modes which are:
    • Semi (20 bps)
    • PSP ramping (13bps)
    • Millenium series (12bps)
    • CFOA semi (13bps)
  • Blitz paintball marker comes with anti – chop eyes. They detect if a paintball is fully seated in the breach to reduce chopping. With the eyes on, the marker would not fire unless a paintball is detected.
  • Marker states that the trigger on the blitz is very smooth and quite nice for stock trigger on a low end paintball gun. The trigger is adjustable for your fingers and liking.
  • Gun also comes with a twist lock feedneck to attach your hopper, which is a nice feature for a beginners level paintball gun. However, the feedneck is very easy to replace and uses ion threads, which are industry standard.
  • The blitz grip frame is manufactured with a dovetail mount, and comes with a standard dovetail adapter without an on/off. This mount lets a dovetail Air Source Adapter (ASA) slide onto the frame. The ASA also is standard with 2 screws so you can attach a direct mount ASA as well.
  • Instead of steel braided hose for the airflow from the ASA the regulator, Azodin uses macroline, witch is very common on high level tournament paintball guns. It is a thin plastic tubing that is very easy to remove and replace.
  • For a beginner marker, the regulator of this gun is designed very well for a beginner gun. The regulator itself is set to run at a very low pressure, around 250psi which results in very little kick. The recoil is further reduced by a lighter striker in the rear internals, compared to Kingman’s design in their Spyders.
  • Paintball markers with a high ROF needs an electric hopper to help paintballs feed into the breech, but since this marker comes with a break beams eyes, it is not required.

Here is some Azodin Blitz shooting performance made by Eric Bachmeier


If you are looking for your first paintball gun, or a budget marker that is capable of performing in tournaments, the Azodin Blitz is a very good choice. Blitz comes with a bunch of firing modes and includes anti – chop eyes. As we said in the beginning, it would be very difficult to find a better gun in this category.

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