Spyder Victor Paintball Marker Review

A beginner friendly, yet truly reliable paintball gun that has been greatly developed since its first release in 2006. This right here is one of those paintball guns, that speaks for itself.

However, we can take a quick look at what the gun offers to its users.

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Main Pros

  • Beginner friendly and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Handles wear and tear very well

Main Cons

  • Looses accuracy with longer ranges
  • Does not shoot truly fast
  • Built from plastic

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To keep the paintball gun beginner friendly, its design has been kept simple. This ensures easy gun set up and operation, as well as cleaning. What is more, there are no extra parts, that could confuse the user of this gun.

Push on the safety button, fill up the hopper, attach the tank and start the game.

As a basic paintball gun should be, it is mechanic, therefore there are no electronics, batteries etc, to deal with.

Air efficiency, when using a CO2 is improved with the Eko Valve system, that this gun also features.

With the 2 lbs weight Spyder Victor is neither too heavy or too light, which again makes it great for beginners: it allows to understand in which direction each player should go further on.

All of that together the Spyder Victor looks truly good.

The simple design also makes this paintball gun fairly easy to clean. Remember: quality maintenance is highly important for any paintball gun.

Once you get used to cleaning this gun, it should not take longer than 5 minutes to do cleaning of both inside and outside of the gun.

Shooting with Spyder Victor

As mentioned before, for being this affordable, the Spyder Victor ir truly reliable. If you keep the gun in a good condition, you should not have too much problems with chopping balls.

The speed of shooting is a drawback. It only goes up to about 9 to 10 balls per second. Of course, beginners won’t really feel this as a drawback.

To ensure greater accuracy in longer ranges one should think about upgrading the barrel.

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