The Kingman Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker Review

The Kingman Spyder Fenix Electronic paintball marker proves to be a great entry level product. Released in 2012, this is an electronic marker, which is both fast and also reliable.

The design of the marker is compact and it is extremely lightweight. This marker offers many of the great features that are found in electronic markers and is surprisingly affordable.

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About the Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball

As it is quite commonly known, electronic paintball markers offer many advantages over conventional mechanical markers, delivering far higher consistency and also a much faster release.

While it does require to be powered by a battery, the Spyder Fenix offers some great electronic features.

This includes the electronic trigger of the marker, which allows for quick and efficient changing of operation while also offering great versatility and high performance.

The marker also eliminates internal chopping with the use of a proprietary system known as the Break Beam Eye. The system prevents the marker from firing if a paintball has been incorrectly loaded or positioned inside the chamber of the marker.

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The bolt featured on the Spyder Fenix is a top cocking type which can be accessed on the rear of the marker. While it may not prove to be as efficient as one piece types of markers, the Fenix can definitely be used without encountering too many hassles with the bolt.

The plug featured on the rear, as also the bolt, can be used without the aid of any tools and they can also be very easily maintained and cleaned.

While the marker prevents the chopping of paint, it is recommended to have the regulator and the parts of the marker cleaned after intensive use. Basic maintenance of the marker is recommended to be performed frequently and thanks to the brilliant design of the Spyder Fenix, it takes only a few minutes to do so.

The proprietary Eko valve technology featured in this electronic marker deserves a mention.

Exclusive only to the Spyder series of electronic paintball markers, this technology allows firing of up to 1600 shots from a tank, much higher than the typical 800 shots from other markers

This is achieved with the help of a dual source of air with a low pressured tank. The extra capacity is achieved without having to draw any excess power.

This is a really wonderful feature of Kingman’s Spyder series of marker guns.

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While it proves to be adequate in terms of speed and ease of use and maintenance, the Spyder Fenix is also extemely reliable and it delivers outstanding performance with good accuracy. It features adequate power for an electronic marker and is good to be used in intense paintball sessions.

The advanced circuit board to be featured on this marker also ensures that all internal parts are working in tandem and that the device is performing optimally at all times. The Spyder Fenix is compatible with a 9V alkaline battery and also a 9.6V rechargeable battery.

While this battery capacity is adequate, longer sessions out on the field will require spare batteries to be carried along to ensure uninterrupted play time.

The design of the Spyder Fenix marker has also been taken into good consideration by Kingman. For an entry level marker, it features a sleek and ergonomic design.

The grip on the marker is quite thick and this allows for a better grip and ensures more stability while firing a shot. While this allows for high accuracy, some people with smaller hands may find the gun slightly uncomfortable over longer periods of use.

Nevertheless, the quality and design of this marker come shining through and the marker feels extremely good to use.

This marker is an approved product for beginners and offers great convenience of use. The operating status of the device can be easily viewed with the help of a rear facing display. The gun features low recoil and has a smooth magnetic response which is adjustable. The valve of the marker is efficient and users can opt from three available modes.


The Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball is a great beginner level paintball marker from Kingman. This is an electronic marker which offers 3 modes of operation, including semi-automatic and two ramp modes.

The ease of use, power and ease of maintenance make it ideally suited for entry level purposes.

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