Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 Paintball Gun Review

Are you looking for more info on Planet Eclipse’s 2015 Geo CS1? You have come to the right place.

We review the pros and cons of this feature packed marker.

The CS1 is not a cosmetic upgrade to other Geo models, it is a complete reconstruct where all aspects were considered including maintenance, ergonomics, electronics and yes…looks.


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Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball GunCheck Price on Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5) buy-from-amazon-button

For Beginners or Pros?

This gun is a well thought out, superbly designed piece of art. The cost reflects that and it seems this gun is not one a beginner would use, or even be able to fully appreciate.

This is like giving a child an iPhone, sure they can use it to play games and make calls, but won’t be able to appreciate, or use all the finer features.

Without a doubt, this is a gun for advanced and pro level players.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 review: Features

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun

  • Components are designed linearly, not disjointed
  • Integrated POPS ASA- an ASA with a simple design, you simply push back the collar to gas up, and push the button to release, plus the macroline comes out the back where the tank is attached.
  • SL5 Inline Regulator in Grip Frame
  • Compartmentalized Electrical components disconnect from Body easily
  • Operates at 120 psi
  • ISCIS3 Valve (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) is part of the component system that ports gas through the gun without using the body or O-rings. This valve is very energy efficient. This is another user serviceable part. The Solenoid transfers air into the IVcore
  • IVcore- a smooth and quiet valve.
  • Extremely energy efficient, running on two AA batteries in the fore grip, a huge improvement to the 9v setup and rendering up to 500,000 shots.
  • Tool Less access to battery housing and breech sense cover. Detents and Breech sensors can be serviced by user and the housing stores an emergency set of detents. Bonus!
  • This gun uses Pocketed and captured air transfer seals instead of o-rings. Because the air is shuttled between compartmentalized components, and not in the body, these seals withstand the pressure and this air transfer system makes the gun very air efficient.
  • Electronics can be managed from the computer using a USB cable/Micro USB.
  • Includes Shaft Pro Barrel tip.
  • Accepts low, med and high pressure tanks.

Our Planet eclipse Geo CS1 review


  • The board is laid out well and has wireless connections to separate the board from the frame.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries which are easier to get a hold of. Plus the AA batteries can be accessed and changed without using tools.
  • In addition to the new battery set up, this gun is very energy efficient and you will not need to change the batteries a lot.
  • The new LCD screen is built into the back of the gun, it is very large compared to other guns, easy to read at a glance, more intuitive, the only suggestion is to make the screen resolution higher to take full advantage of the size increase. Features a paint countdown, breech sensor indicator, lock indicator, battery life and many other useful features.
  • Extremely Easy to program the gun.
  • Velocity adjustment is very easy using a hex key in the back. You can also adjust the solenoid flow using a hex key fro the exterior of the gun
  • Trigger adjustments made from a hex key on the exterior.
  • Tournament locks under the grip frame, grip frame is removed using hex keys then flip a switch fr the tourney lock.
  • The gun overall is easy to maintain and has many user serviceable parts, tool less access for may parts and easy hex Allen key adjustments.
  • The gun is very air efficient, due to the seals and air transferring components, listed in the features section. This gun does not port air thru the body but maintains the air in the valve, ASA and regulator.
  • The trigger has a natural return once you shoot and release.
  • Planet Eclipse guns are engineered to handle stress and abuse, dirt and paint, they are very durable and not at all finicky guns.
  • Smooth shooter, comparable to PE’s M2


  • The dwell may need to be adjusted to get the Balls per second higher than 15. Planet eclipse made a youtube video on how to adjust the dwell to achieve 15 balls per second or higher.
  • A lot of players say the CS1 is heavy, and it is heavier when compared to the M2. It weighs 2.17 lbs including barrel and batteries. In the grand scheme of things it really is not that heavy, being about a kilo, but it is slightly heavier than previous markers.
  • The gun may not always chrono consistently, this may have to do with the regulator being integrated and in side the frame, but that is not certain.
  • Many players are saying the grip is too large, and this is the one complaint that seems to be the most prevalent and could be re-designed. A bulgy grip is bad for ergonomics and maneuverability and is important to play quality.
  • The gun is long, if you are a smaller player, or if you have short arms, try the gun first to make sure it is a good fit.
Our Planet Eclipse Geo CSR Review Rating: 9.2/10

Thank you for reading our Planet Eclipse Geo CSR Review. We have many more guns reviewed and more are added as we go, so stay tuned. We hope you found what you were looking for.