Reviews: Virtue Paintball Goggles

If you’re just getting started in the sport of paintball, it’s imperative that you purchase the proper safety equipment. As exciting as the game of paintball is, it can be dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions. One of the items you’ll need to purchase to keep yourself safe is paintball goggles. However, when browsing online and in stores, you’ll likely find dozens of different types of glasses.

One of the brands you’ll undoubtedly come across during your search is Virtue. Virtue has long provided goggles and other safety equipment for paintballers. Below, you’ll find out everything you have to know about Virtue paintball goggles. We believe that the article will allow you to make an informed buying decision, determining if Virtue paintball goggles are the best option for you.

What are Virtue Paintball Goggles and How Do They Work?

When browsing Virtue’s website, you’ll see that there are many goggles available. Not only are there different models available, but there are different colors as well. For instance, the Virtue VIO Ascend Goggles come in Black, Blue Ice, FDE Clear, Lime Emerald, and Purple Smoke. The models currently available for purchase on the Virtue site include:

  • Virtue VIO Ascend
  • Virtue VIO Ascend AF
  • Virtue VIO Lens
  • Virtue VIO Contour Goggle
  • Virtue VIO Extend Goggle
  • Virtue VIO XS Goggle
  • Base Thermal Paintball Goggle
  • Base Anti-Fog Field Paintball Goggle

Most of this review will focus on Virtue goggles as a whole. If you determine that Virtue is a trustworthy brand, we’re confident that you can find the model that best fits your needs. Many of the goggle options have attachments affixed to them, such as a ventilated mask. Besides color, the most significant factor separating the various models is the structure of the unit.  


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What Makes Virtue Paintball Goggles Unique?

According to the company’s website, one of the things that set Virtue goggles apart is the fact that they offer high-end performance with a mid-range budget. Virtue designs their glasses so that they are a single piece that customers can upgrade or modify with various attachments. Virtue says that they mold their masks with dual materials so that customers receive the ideal combination of:

  • Comfort
  • Rigidity
  • Protection
  • Flexibility

Not only can customers add or subtract attachments from their goggles, but they can do so quickly. The “Quick Change” capabilities of Virtue goggles are one of the things that again make them unique. Additionally, the lenses on glasses from VIO are resistant to fog, which means you can play in the most humid of conditions without having to worry about visibility becoming a concern.

You can change practically any aspect of your goggle system, which could help improve its durability. For instance, Virtue makes it possible for customers to adjust the strap on their unit as well as the foam on the inside of the mask. Users can also swap lenses easily in case their existing pair is scratched or damaged. Virtue offers thermal lenses on all of their goggles.  

It appears that Virtue offers 18 different lens colors or coatings that you could purchase to modify your goggle system. It also seems that there are 16 visor options available. Some of these visors contain a “Stealth Fan,” which can help keep users cool under pressure. There’s no denying that with so many options available, you can customize your rig until you are satisfied.

Lastly, many users may find that they receive significantly more airflow when using a Virtue goggle set than the would when using another brand. The airflow is one of the primary reasons why the lenses do not fog. Because you’ll likely find yourself frequently when paintballing, the enhanced airflow features help set Virtue masks apart as one-of-a-kind.

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The budgets of Virtue goggles depend significantly on the model and color that you choose. The FDE Clear Ascend goggles are the cheapest available. These are all more expensive than the VIO Ascend AF goggles.

Virtue also offers a “Satisfaction Guarantee” on each one of their products. If a customer is not satisfied with the product, they can return it to the company within 30 days, no questions asked. Additionally, Virtue offers free returns on their products. The company stands behind their products and will do everything in their power to ensure that their customers are happy.

Virtue VIO Ascend

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It appears that the budgets of Virtue goggles on third-party sites are comparable to the rates on the Virtue site. For example, Ascend glasses run the same amount on Amazon’s website as they do on the Virtue website. However, customers could potentially find a deal when browsing a third-party site. They should keep this in mind before purchasing their product.

How it Compares

One of the options comparable to Virtue goggles is the Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles from Invert. These goggles have good customer feedback. This product is more expensive than Virtue goggles.

Invert Helix Thermal

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Although the Invert goggles are cheaper, customers will likely find that they’ll receive much more performance when using Virtue goggles. For instance, many customers complained that the Invert goggles were “not perfect” when it came to fighting fog. While they indicated that the anti-fog properties were adequate and would suffice, the Virtue goggles were significantly better.

This is a huge point of concern for two reasons. When you are running, and in the heat of battle with your friends, a foggy mask leaves you vulnerable. Because you won’t be able to see, you won’t be able to identify any threats or obstacles in your way. More importantly, when glasses fog, many paintballers tend to want to remove them. However, this puts them in an incredibly dangerous position.

Another problem with the Invert goggles was the fact that users could not customize it nearly as much as they could the Virtue goggles. For instance, customers could remove the visor on the Helix product, but they could not replace it with alternatives. This is another benefit of purchasing Virtue goggles, as users can upgrade them as time goes on.

What We Think

When it comes paintball equipment, our team believes that Virtue is one of the most reputable brands available today. This rings true with their various goggle offerings. We think that customers should be able to find a set of goggles that meets their needs, budget, and experience levels. The wide range of models available is something that most stood out to us when browsing the Virtue website.

Another thing that stood out was the fact that we could customize our goggle design. With a slew of lenses and visors available, you can design your goggle harness any way you’d like, for an affordable budget. Perhaps you can find the rig that works best for different weather or light conditions. We also found that it was remarkably easy to change the lenses and visors in these units.

One of the other features that stood out to us was the fact that paintball goggles from Virtue did not fog when you used them. We tried them in numerous settings, including indoors with high humidity and outdoors in the cold with multiple layers of clothes on. No matter what scenarios we tested, Virtue goggles stood true. This reliability is something you should trust while in the heat of competition.

The budget of Virtue goggles also made an impact on our team. For such a durable pair of glasses, the equipment was very affordable. Even the low-end Virtue models were as good as some more expensive, higher-end models from other manufacturers. We’re confident that no matter what your budget, you should be able to find a quality pair of goggles that meets your budget.

Lastly, the fact that Virtue offers numerous deals was also quite appealing. If you are not in need of a pair of paintball goggles immediately, you should wait to see if your favorite set is not part of a Stacked Deal or Deal of the Day, as we detail more below. Not only are the products affordable as-is, but you can often find a deal that makes them considerably more affordable and worthwhile.

Coupons and Deals

Right now, there are numerous deals available that could entice users to purchase from the Virtue website. Ordering from the company directly could be a no-brainer in this regard.  

Anti-Fog Lens

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Virtue offers various Daily Deals on some of their products. For instance, at the time of publication, the Virtue VIO XS Goggle, in the Crystal Fire color, was available. This meant that potential customers could save if they purchased the mask on that given day. The Daily Deals rotate every morning. You could stay on the lookout until the equipment that you most desire goes on sale.

Dual Pane Lens

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Another deal that Virtue tends to offer is “Buy 2 Get 1 Free.” At the time that we published this article, the Lime Emerald version of the Virtue VIO Ascend Goggle was available under this deal. So, if you’re interested in purchasing multiple sets of goggles for yourself, or perhaps to share with friends, you can stay on the lookout for a deal such as “Buy 2 Get 1 Free.”

Similarly, Virtue also tends to offer package deals on some of their products. For instance, if you were to purchase a Virtue VIO Ascend Goggle in Lime Emerald, as well as a Black/Black Visor, you would receive a Thermal Clear Lens for free. This is an incredible value into which many paintballers may want to look. Having an extra lens on hand is always beneficial.

Virtue considers these types of deals “Stacked Deals,” indicative of the fact that customers are receiving many products for one low budget. Another product that currently offers a Stacked Deal is the VIO Ascend Goggle. When you purchase this product, along with a VIO Dark Smoke Lens and an FDE Spire IR, you’ll find that you save more.

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Lastly, if these deals were not enough, Virtue allows customers to enter a contest in which they could win a gift card. Customers can enter the contest by writing a review on a previous product they’ve purchased. There is no limit on how many reviews an individual can write, so it makes sense for customers to write a review on every product that they purchase to improve their chance of winning.

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