Proto Rail PMR Paintball Marker Gun Review

The Proto Rail PMR is a quality mid-range paintball marker which delivers high level performance. Proving to be a very reliable and durable paintball marker, the PMR Rail can handle all types of gameplay and is a highly competitive product.

Launched in 2011, this model is made completely out of aluminum and is an electronic marker.

The PMR Rail delivers top quality performance akin to that of higher end markers at a surprisingly reasonable budget.

The package of the Rail PMR also contains a number of included accessories which allows users to start using the marker instantly and also offers tools for making any required adjustments to the gun.

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About the Proto Rail PMR

Proto is well-known as a reputed paintball marker manufacturer. The brand has provided a number of products that have been well received and appreciated by users and the Rail PMR is another such product.

It offers many high end features which are usually found on higher end markers and is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

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The marker also allows for easy maintenance and cleaning and is also stable, rugged and durable. The marker features amazing consistency even after extensive use.

Some of the features that the PMR Rail model exhibits include

  • The marker features an 11 inch barrel shaft which is one piece. This offers great accuracy and consistency of firing shots.
  • The air regulator featured on the PMR Rail model is a Hyper 3 inline air regulator which is an improvement on the earlier Hyper design of the regulator provided by Proto. It is much smaller, much sleeker and also more consistent. This allows for precise adjustments of air pressure velocity of firing shots and the regulator is very responsive as well.
  • The Break Beam Eye system featured in this marker prevents the chopping up of paint internally within the gun. This greatly helps in maintenance.
  • The marker features an operating pressure of 155 psi.
  • The body of the marker exhibits a contoured design which is three dimensional and continuous. This makes for an extremely sleek, small and ergonomic design.
  • Soft rubber sticky grips made to be of dual density are featured on this marker. This allows for an excellent and secure grip even across long and extended sessions of play.
  • The marker offers four modes of operation for playing tournaments. It also allows adjustable rates of firing shots.
  • The PMR exhibits an ergonomic design with a very sturdy and durable frame. The body and the trigger of the marker are made out of a trademark Ultralite design completely out of aluminum. The trigger of the marker is also adjustable.
  • A high quality clamping feedneck is featured on this marker. This allows for a secure and tight grip on the loader and also does not require the use of any additional tools to fix or remove the loader from the gun.
  • The marker also contains ball detents integrated into the body. This is coupled up with a proprietary polycarbonate eye pipe technology. This pipe is self-cleaning and is wiped clean by a ring on the tip of the bolt during each cycle that is made. This system also eliminates any chances of double feeding or any misses in feeding the marker.
  • The pipe system also eliminates the need of any external plates or of any screws which might otherwise have faced the risk of corrosion.
  • The bolt kit of the marker is screwed on with a metal cap on the back of the marker, allowing easy access for making adjustments.
  • The package also contains all additional tools and accessories that may be required, including a 9V alkaline battery, a lubricant of dye slick and a set of Allen keys apart from the marker and its other parts.
  • The rings on the marker are color coded to enable users to quickly identify which rings need to be replaced while performing cleaning or maintenance operations on the gun.
  • The Rail solenoid featured on this marker allows for extremely consistent internal air flow and features a dwell time of only 40 ms.


The Proto Rail PMR is a wonder mid-range electronic paintball marker gun which has been around in the market for quite some time now.

The marker is extremely durable, lightweight, consistent, accurate and offers different modes of operation, ideal for use in tournaments and other applications. Many of the features of this marker are only available on higher end models and the result of this is that a high level of performance is delivered at a surprisingly reasonable budget to users.

Proto has definitely proven that it is a formidable force to be reckoned amongst paintball marker manufacturers and it is easy to see why it is so, considering the high value and quality the PMR Rail model offers to paintball players.

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