Empire Invert Mini Paintball Marker Review

As the name of this particular paintball gun tells, the gun is relatively small. But there is absolutely no reason to think, that the same should be said about what it offers.

In this quick review we will look at what makes this small gun so special.

The size of this gun could give someone the feeling, that it lacks serious durability. We can only say that so far, the Empire Invert Mini has proven to be a tournament competition quality gun.

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Firing of the Invert Mini

20 balls per second. Yes, that is the firing rate. And it is impressive.

Shooting at this speed, one should fire away about 100,000 balls before the battery starts to run out of juice.

All that comes with variety of firing modes.

One should keep in mind that the gun of this size will give some vibration when shooting. It won’t affect the accuracy of the Invert Mini, but some small screws could loosen up a bit over time. Keep up with good maintenance and there should be no problems.


One of the main design features of this paintball gun is that it is “macro less”. It makes it look truly good as no hoses are needed for operation. The guns grip is where integration occurs thru.

The design features ans size make it easy to hold in one hand, while positioning it any way you feel comfortable. Run, jump, crawl or whatever your movement is, you can be sure to feel comfortable with Invert Mini in your hand.

The power up button and safety are the same.

It is easy to tell, that there is something special about this paintball gun. That special thing that is so hard to describe, yet we can all see it.

The simple design also makes it easy to keep up with all necessary maintenance of the gun. A single screw will give access to internal parts that need to be cleaned properly.

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The biggest drawback of this gun could be its lack of possibilities for upgrades. And this is highly important for a lot of players. If it is the same for you, keep in mind that you will be only able to change some triggers, barrels and feednecks.

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