Best Beginner Airsoft Guns with TOP Reviews

If you are just getting into airsoft you might be wondering what the best airsoft gun for beginners is.

What features make for the best beginner airsoft gun?

Well, that is a question we hear again and again so we created this guide to outline the characteristics to look for in your first airsoft gun, along with our top 8 gun reviews of the best starter airsoft guns.

How to choose your first airsoft gun: Primary Considerations

Before you choose your first airsoft gun, carefully consider the following aspects of airsoft guns to narrow down the type of gun that’s right for you.

The best airsoft gun for beginners can not be found until you know the role you assume in airsoft.

Your intended role

According to Airsoft Society’s Airsoft Roles 101 there are 6 primary Airsoft roles you can align with and knowing which role suits you plays a big part in the gun you select.

Rifle Role:

A large majority of airsoft players are rifleman. They are the infantry of the airsoft field. They are numerous, versatile and see a lot of action.

There are both urban rifleman who shoot close range, moving from structure to structure or within close quarters. Then there are field rifleman who work long range, shooting targets with greater distance.

An assault rifle works better outdoors with long distances, with a barrel of at least 10 inches.

In an urban environment, a short barrel rifle, one with a barrel of les than 10 inches is ideal for optimal maneuverability.

Sniper Role:

The sniper role is a quiet role suited for the patient and precise. This is the thinking man’s role, and requires a lot of observation.

This role also involved gathering reconnaissance information over enemy maneuvers and relaying that info back to the team. The sniper will not see a lot of action and wont make many kills, but if the role is played right, the kills they make will be high level, strategic hits.

Snipers need a rifle that can shoot accurately over a long distance. This is one occasion where the traditionally unpopular spring action rifle will shine, due to it’s accuracy and the fact that it relies on neither gas nor battery power.

Designated Marksman:

Designated marksman occupy the space between the rifleman and the sniper. Unlike a sniper, designated Marksman are on the move.

They use longer barrel rifles than riflemen and are able to shoot farther than rifleman with accuracy. Their airsoft weapon of choice should be a Designated Marksman Rifle designed for their position.

Support Gunner Position:

Support gunners are volume gunners meant to intimidate the opposition and make way for the rifleman. If you are a large person and you want to carry a large gun that will pound the enemy, this may be the role for you.

Support gunners need a gun that can handle a large capacity, look bad-ass, and have a barrel that performs over long distances.

Scouts Position:

Scouts make up the stealth reconnaissance arm of the team. Their job is to move quickly and quietly, remaining unseen, like a hobbit on a mission. You only shoot when necessary to keep your position. Your main objective is to move up field, gather intel and relay that back to your team.

Your weapon should be fast, light and maneuverable.

You don’t necessarily need a long range gun, a rifle with a short barrel, that is hard to spot is a good option.


The grenadier position is generally performed by a rifleman who has a rifle equipped with a grenade launcher. A grenade launcher sprays a large amount of BB’s at once using only one pull of the trigger.

The grenadier often carries a rifle with a grenade attachment, but can also use a stand alone launcher or a grenade revolver.

How the Gun is powered

soldier with machine gun

Very basically, there are three ways to power an airsoft gun. Here is a quick review of the upside and downside to each.

Electric Powered:

This is the most common way to power an airsoft gun. The electric powered airsoft gun requires batteries that power a mechanical gearbox.

They hold up well in all weather conditions and do not require a lot of maintenance. The downside is they use batteries and batteries die out. They also can be challenging when they do need maintenance if you do not have the skill to service them.

Gas Powered:

Gas powered airsoft guns allow you to shoot many BB’s at once and give you feedback in the form of recoil, just like a real gun.

They can have a higher velocity and be more accurate than electric guns. The downside is budget, as the gun can be expensive, and you will always need a supply of gas. You may also need to carry gas with you in a game.

Not great for stealth positions. A grenadier and support runner position can benefit from the speed and volume a gas powered airsoft gun supply.

Spring Powered:

This is the least expensive option as it requires no batteries or gas, they work in all climates, they can be accurate IF machined correctly, calibrated and well made.

The main disadvantage of a spring loaded gun is they do not allow automatic fire and must be cocked for each shot. The spring loaded gun can perform well in a sniper position or scout position.

Gun Style

Shotguns are rare in airsoft. They are usually spring powered and good at short range distances.

Most airsoft guns are assault rifles, such as the AK 47. They come in many styles and usually offer a wide range of customization options.

Second most popular gun in airsoft, the sub-machine gun is a smaller automatic airsoft gun.

They are smaller and shorter than standard machine guns and use pistol ammo. They are maneuverable and well suited to close quarter battle.

There are full size airsoft guns with automatic fire power. They are larger and bulkier than sub machine guns, but they usually have larger capacity and more power.

Although this style is not among the most common used in airsoft, it is a favorite for those in the support gunner position due to the machine guns ability to provide the size, capacity and enemy blazing power needed by a support gunner.

Machine guns are not recommended for beginners, as they can get heavy fast and are a challenge to maneuver.

After some time with airsoft you will be able to better gauge the suitability of a machine gun to your play style.

Sniper rifles are all about performance and precision. In this position you generally get just one chance to get it right, so your gun must be up to task and accurate over long distances.

Sniper rifles can be expensive and they are usually not automatic nor high capacity, as the focus is on quality, not quantity. Sniper rifles are not great beginner guns due to the advance skill needed to use one successfully.

These smaller side arms are sometimes used as a supplemental or backup weapon.

Best Beginner Airsoft Gun Reviews 

Best starter airsoft guns at a low bugdet. Best Bang for your buck, literally.

G&G CM16 Combat Machine Raider

G&G CM16 Combat Machine Raider CQB Battery & Charger Combo

Buy on Amazon


This is an excellent beginner gun, our number one choice for beginners.

The gun is made from tough nylon fiber which is hard to crack or damage. It as plenty of customization rails to tweak the gun to your liking, has high capacity and is battery powered.

The gun is easy to use and easy to maintain. This gun is very realistic in look and feel to an actual AK47.

List of Pros

  • 3 hour smart charger.
  • Front and side sling points.
  • Adjustable length stock.
  • Battery is easy to replace.
  • 450 round capacity magazine included.
  • Includes rod to clear jammed BB’s.

List of Cons

  • Must use pro BB’s or the internals can be damaged.


A realistic AK 47 look alike, king of the heap among good starter airsoft guns.

JG M4A1 S AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

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Great budget high quality gun with many features make this a great beginner gun.

Full length rail allows a huge array of customization features. Front site, rear site and stock are all adjustable. Realistic look and  metal gearbox and barrel.

List of Pros

  • 350 round mag capacity.
  • 8.4 volt battery.
  • Metal gun with realistic weight and feel.
  • Front and rear sights included.
  • 4 Rail system.
  • Standard battery charger included.

List of Cons

  • 4 hour battery life, may limit longer airsoft sessions.


High quality and vast customization options make this gun a gun you can grow with.

Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Airsoft Rifle

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This is a powerful and accurate gun that includes a high capacity mag up to 600 rounds per mag, with two mags included with each gun.

This semi-automatic gun is easy to maintain, has a realistic look and feel, is very powerful, with a 400+ FPS it shoots fast and is accurate.

The interior of the gun features metal construction and the gun is of superior quality. This is a heavy gun so it is good for teenagers and older, but not for children.

List of Pros

  • Removable folding grip.
  • High capacity 600 round capacity.
  • 8.4v battery with charger included.

List of Cons

  • Battery wires get in the way and need better placement in the gun.
  • The receiver is plastic.


One of the best Airsoft Rifles you can buy in this budget.

Semi Automatic AGM Airsoft Sub-machine gun

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This sub machine gun is compact, but has an adjusting stock to stabilize the gun during battle. Styled after the German WWII era  mp40 gun, this gun has a very authentic look. 8.4v Battery and charger are included.

List of Pros

  • Under Folding Stock Perfect for WWII Collectors.
  • Metal construction, with metal gearbox and barrel.
  • Full Size 1:1 Scale! Spring Powered
  • Standard charger, un-jam rod, magazine and sling included.
  • shoots approximately 250 FPS with 0.12g 6mm BBs. 200 FPS using 0.20g BBs.

List of Cons

  • A sub machine gun should hold more rounds.
  • The included mag holds 50 rounds.


A genuine looking airsoft gun with a WWII look, great for an adult new to airsoft.

GameFace Semi Automatic Electric 76 Airsoft Rifle

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Semi-Automatic or full automatic Electronic Airsoft rifle with a 350 round high capacity magazine and 700 rounds per minute shooting capacity.

Styled after the AK 47, this gun looks and feels like he real deal.

A collapsible stock allows you to maneuver this gun easily in Close quarter combat.

List of Pros

  • 375 FPS, semi and fully automatic capability.
  • Battery and standard wall charger, and sling are included in the box.

List of Cons

  • Some units have been known to jam on occasion.


At 4.5 lbs with an adjustable stock, this gun is great for beginners of all ages.

Double Eagle Fully Automatic m901c ak-47 Electric Airsoft Gun

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Semi and full automatic firing mode, AK47 style airsoft gun. This gun has a low budget combined with high quality.

List of Pros

  • Metal gearbox and stock.
  • Metal sight.
  • Includes a 600 round magazine, shoots at 320 FPS, and has a folding stock.

List of Cons

  • Not a lot of upgrade options.


This gun has the look and feel of a much more expensive gun and is a good value for the beginner.

Good starter airsoft guns that can be used as backup.

Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tactical Air Soft Pistol

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This metal airsoft pistol will make a great back up weapon for the beginner.

It includes a magazine, and rail on the underside of the barrel. It shoots at 325 fps, and includes a safety, for secure handling. It has a realistic blowback for tactile feedback.

List of Pros

  • Uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges.
  • Has a realistic look and feel, including kick back.
  • Customizable with a silencer and can shoot 4 mags before you need to replace the cartridge.

List of Cons

  • The hop up is off out of the box and may need to be adjusted.


A great backup Airsoft pistol for the beginner and advanced player.

Soft Air Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol

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This entry level gun makes a budget back up pistol for the airsoft beginner. It is a spring loaded gun with pop, modeled after the desert eagle with a convincing look.

List of Pros

  • Plastic textures grip.
  • 125 FPS, spring powered pistol.
  • Included magazine holds 25 BB’s.
  • The gun has a mag release button, fixed front and back sights and a safety.
  • Weighs one pound.

List of Cons

  • Feels light in the hand, the weight is a give away that it is not a real desert eagle.


An inexpensive authentic looking backup airsoft pistol.

That wraps up or best beginner airsoft gun guide and reviews on the 8 best airsoft gun for beginners.

See you out on the field!

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