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Whether you need to take out pests and varmints on your property, or you enjoy recreational target practice, it is handy to have an air rifle. Depending on your choice of ammunition, comfort, and personal interests, you will want to check out the best air rifles available.

The Top 7 Air Rifles this 2018

Whether you choose an air rifle that uses BBs or pellets, you'll want to outfit yourself with the best air rifle available.

Choose your air rifle for hunting down varmint, maintaining your marksman skills, or pack in it your survival kit in case of social upheaval. An air rifle is an excellent option for anyone who wants a lightweight and modern gun that is fitting for sport, hunting, or warfare.


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Must-Haves For Your Air Rifle

When selecting an air rifle, you will want to make sure you invest in specific accessories to improve your experience. Additionally, some air rifles may come with varying scopes which can be an asset to accuracy, and can be readily adjusted without interfering with performance.

After choosing the best air rifle for your lifestyle and budget, you will want to find a comfortable place to set up and begin target practice legally. Consider the types of ammo you will want to use in your air rifle, as not all rifles will accept certain pellets or BBs.

Make sure you bring along the following to enhance your air rifle use so you can focus on your target.

  • Consider bringing a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes
  • Have a case to carry around your pellets instead of risking them getting loose on you easily
  • Don't forget to keep a rangefinder on you to judge your shot

Although some air rifles come with features that enhance your marksmanship, it always pays to be prepared.

If you don't want to get a carrying case or tin for pellets, choose a nifty pellet pen that can hold up to 20 pellets at a time. A bipod will help you steady your shot and take your time with targeting. An adjustable rifle sling is a must to keep things comfortable when toting your rifle around. Don't forget to grab some different scopes to change your vantage point with your air rifle.

Air Rifle Maintenance Tips

Disassembled rifle

After investing your money on the best air rifle, the next step is to maintain your rifle.

Even the best-made air rifle can suffer degradation over time if it is not properly cleaned and cared for between uses. Learn about the construction material, and unique needs of the components of your air rifle to ensure years of enjoyable use.

An air rifle is pretty low maintenance regarding cleaning and care. Have respect for your air rifle, and you can enjoy it for a long time without suffering jams, avoid dry firing, and check for loose parts. Make sure only to use the right type of ammo for your rifle, and regularly attend to the moving parts of your rifle to ensure that is lubricated.

Keep your air rifle out of the reach of minors and keep small pellets and BBs out of reach. Remember, although an air rifle uses combustion to propel its ammo, it can still risk causing grievous injury or causing a fatality if it strikes a critical area of the body.

An air rifle makes a great choice for hunting waterfowl or practicing competitive shooting.

How We Choose Our Ratings

After scouring different top brands of air rifle manufacturers, checking out specs, aesthetics, and ammo we compiled this list. We wanted to make sure we included air rifles that were accessible for a range of budgets and age ranges. We considered real feedback from people like you who enjoy using rifles for sport and hunting.

The listed air rifles were evaluated for their performance, craftsmanship, durability, and power. When you choose an air rifle, you want to select the right tool for your lifestyle needs and enjoy some longevity with your choice.

Our List of the Top 7 Best Air Rifles in the market

The following listed items qualify as being the best air rifle you can purchase on the market today. Performance, good looks, and durable construction that can withstand the elements were critical evaluation points. Additionally, we considered the manufacturer, customer reviews, and best uses for each model.

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Using compressed air with a range of 2,000 and 3,000 PSI, this air rifle is readily adjusted and can shoot off varying types of ammo. The reversible bolt allows for interchangeable use between right-handed shooters and southpaws.

The internal shroud keeps this rifle fairly quiet when shooting, and it comes with a built-in air pressure gauge.

If you don't mind regularly adjusting your rifle and aren't looking for a rifle ready to go out of the box, go with the Benjamin Marauder. Some shooters have found it to prove challenging with accuracy, and don't like the learning curve for improved targeting.

When using the hand pump, it may take some time for this rifle to fire, and when there is a jam the o-ring may come out easily. Aesthetically, the barrel is easily subject to taking on dings and scuffs after enough use.

However, this rifle is a good choice for taking down prairie dogs or gophers.


  • Good First PCP rifle
  • Includes 2-stage starter trigger
  • Silent shooting


  • May have a tough learning curve to get accuracy

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If you like an air rifle to pack a punch behind it, you might get your kicks with this model.

This rifle is attractive and has a good weight and feel to it while handling. Finding a rifle with a nice looking wooden stock can be difficult. However, accuracy and the trigger may cause some upset. Additionally, the scope leaves a lot to be desired from most shooters.

If you are looking for a rifle that is lightweight, you will want to pass. The stock is vulnerable to scratches and scuffs, which can detract from its look. However, if you like a rifle that pumps hard and hits just as tough, you may enjoy going out with the Hatsan.

The sight will require some adjustment, and you might want to knock off the scope on this rifle for something else.


  • Anti-beartrap and automatic safety included
  • Turkish walnut stock is attractive
  • Includes SAS shock absorption and rubber recoil shoulder pad


  • Accuracy and cocking this rifle can prove a challenge which can dampen the experience

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Made in Spain, this rifle is outfitted with an optic front sight and rear sight. Power seekers will love how this rifle packs a punch with 26.6 pounds of force.

This barrel will require some effort, using 40 pounds to cock, but it is well worth it in the end. This is a rifle which combines accuracy with power, compared to other air rifles available which only deliver one or the other.

However, due to the power behind this air rifle, you might run into problems with elevation and where your pellet travels off to in the distance. Long distance hunting and targeting is a better bet for this rifle.

Choose this rifle for taking down possums, raccoons, or even a small boar.


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Available in a .177 or .22 pellet
  • Scope comes with a recoil reducing rail for improved longevity


  • The rifle is loud on firing

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Similar to other air rifles by Gamo, this model uses IGT, or inert gas technology deliver improved terminal velocity and reduce vibration.

You may enjoy the feel and handling of this rifle when pulling the trigger, complements of the smooth action. Shots are taken with whisper quiet and quality precision for marksmanship.

The stock is synthetic and durable to handle all sorts of inclement weather. Lightweight but still powerful, this rifle is good for hunting varmint or recreational use depending on the caliber.


  • Includes WHISPER noise reduction
  • Scope is shockproof
  • Solid and durable construction


  • There are no sights available

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This multi-pump air rifle comes with a steel rifled barrel to shoot off .177 caliber pellets or BBs.

Get 800fps max velocity behind your shots and multi-pump pneumatic action. The Monte-Carlo style stock leaves a little bit to be desired, as it is manufactured with molded wood grain. However, this rifle does come with adjustable rear sights and a fiber optic front.

This makes for a good budget option for an air rifle.

The accuracy when shooting with pellets is a step above using BBs, and it functions well despite the modest price point. Some shooters have experienced a bit of wobble when handing this air rifle, thanks to the model being lightweight but the trigger is heavy when pulling.


  • Better accuracy when shooting pellets
  • A lightweight rifle that uses multi-pump
  • A budget-friendly option for hunting varmint


  • Doesn't offer the best precision in the world

6.) No products found.

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This air rifle may require a breaking-in period because of the challenge pumping at first. However, after enough time this rifle feels nice when handling.

You'll find that this air rifle is precise enough, lightweight, and quiet enough not to scare anyone when using in the backyard to tackle varmint. Using the scope, you can sight your target nicely. You will want to take your time when mounting the scope.

As long as you make sure to keep the ring where you place your pellets oiled and well maintained, this lightweight rifle will serve you well in your endeavors.

A lot of fun to use for recreational target practice, this is a good rifle choice for young teenagers working on their marksmanship.


  • Includes 4x32 scope with rings
  • Attractive skeleton stock
  • Velocity is 1200fps


  • Some complaints about the stability of the mounting system for the scope, and needed readjustments

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No products found.

This air rifle comes with a spring piston break-barrel and single-shot cocking mechanism. The two-stage trigger is fully adjustable, and the Monte-Carlo style stock is made from hardwood.

Get your sights set on your target using the fixed front optic sight, adjustable rear sight, and included scope.

This rifle weighs in a little heavier than others at 8.25 pounds. However, you can enjoy firing off alloy pellets with 1200fps and lead pellets with 1000fps. Take down pests like crows or raccoons with ease using this rifle.

Overall, this rifle performs well for the price point, has an attractive look because of the metal finish and wood, and is accurate enough for most jobs.

The weight and balance may make this air rifle feel more like a traditional rifle, but after enough rounds, you'll find handling this rifle to come intuitively.


  • Attractive dark wood Monte-Carlo style stock
  • Decent accuracy and included scope and fiber optic sights
  • Packs a decent punch with pellets


  • Heavier than other air rifles of comparable value and performance

Buyer's Guide

Make sure you understand the type of ammo your air rifle will need to operate efficiently. Keep up with routine maintenance and cleaning, and value the scope that may be outfitted on your air rifle.

Don't give into bargain hunting for your air rifle, especially if you are planning on using it frequently. Your choice of an air rifle should provide for years of optimal performance, dependable functioning, and adequate accuracy. Protect your investment with routine maintenance, and keep your rifle out of the reach of young children.

Consider what type of ammo you enjoy using, the handling specifications, and what scopes and accessories are a good fit.

Choose an air rifle that has well-rounded performance, packs enough power behind the shots, and can withstand a little wear and tear. Evaluate the construction materials and weight for your air rifle, especially if you like to go hunting or practice shooting targets for long hours. Some air rifles may have a rough breaking-in period or require some strength to pump.

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