Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Gun Review

If you are considering a Dye Assult Matrix, or want to know more about the gun behind the hefty price tag and all the hype, take a look at our Dye DAM review and learn more about this powerful tactical marker.


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Great for a beginner or a pro?

The DAM is a tactical gun and has an all new design. It is not a predecessor to another gun. It is Dye’s tactical marker and has been used by pros in tournaments, so yes, this can be considered a pro level gun, and can also be used by intermediate and advanced players.

This is an awesome gun for the serious woodsball or tactical player, allowing Hopper, Mag fed and First Strike rounds. Bravo!

Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker

Our Dye Dam review: DAM Features

First off, be aware, there are two models of the Dye DAM.

  • Model 1: Dye DAM (Dye Assault Matrix)
  • Model 2:  CQB (Close Quarter Battle) Dye DAM

The CQB model is a gun designed for close quarters and is therefore stripped down to be more compact. It also has a lower price point. Specifically the CQB does NOT have:

  • An extra smaller mag that holds tools and o-rings. The CQB does not have the shoulder stock.
  • The CQB does not have the front shroud, nor the front fore grip which is attached to the front shroud.
  • The CQB also does not include the hard shelled zippered carry case.


  • The CQB does come with a one piece 12” barrel.

Dye Paintball DAM CQB Marker

The Original DAM has these features which are NOT shared with the CQB:

  • Comes with a two piece ultra light Dye 14” anodized barrel.
  • Shoulder stock with built in storage compartment and multi position stops to lengthen the stock.
  • Front shroud which has the attached fore grip.
  • Extra tool carrying magazine and sturdy hard zippered case. Note, this case fits where the paint holding mag fits, so its one or the other, both mags can not be on the gun at the same time.
  • Over 2 feet of picatinny rails (The CQB has them, but less).
  • DAM can be shorted in sections and front grip can be removed to make it compact like the CQB.

BOTH guns have the following:

  •  Barrel sleeve. Allen Keys, lube and extra o-rings.
  • Can use First Strike projectiles. Sweet!
  • Power button, mode selector and eye function buttons.
  • ASA On/off switch.
  • Quick release bolts that you can remove without tools.
  • The bolt has the regulator incorporated. The regulator is adjusted using a twist of an Allen key from the back of the gun.
  • Can be fed from a Magazine underneath, or a hopper up on top. The OTF switch changes the feed and can be switched in seconds.
  • The gun includes a cam lock low profile feed neck out of the box.
  • Firing modes available.
  • Gun has Picatinny rails for add-ons and customization.
  • Dye tactical sticky grips.
  • Patented Eye pipe system protects the anti-chop eye so they are always watching the hopper feed preventing chops, mis-feeds or double feeds, also eliminating the need for exterior eye.
  • Trigger is adjustable to your liking.
  • Easy to maintain, all parts requiring maintenance can be accesses using no more than two turns.
  • The Velocity adjustment can be made through the back.

Our Dye DAM Review:

Dye DAM Pros:

  • The Dye DAM is very consistent, it cronos between +/- 3 fps after initial break-in period.
  • Accepts First Strike Rounds, which are fast, go far and are accurate.
  • Changing modes on the marker is easy, there are three buttons on the side, a power button, a mode change button and a eyes button to turn the anti chop on or off.
  • Easy to change mags using the ambidextrous mag release.
  • The mag features a cover on the bottom that stays closed to protect against dirt and paint, but opens once loaded into the gun.
  • Dye ultra lite barrel on the Regular DAM is very accurate.
  • The DAM has an offset hopper to allow for optics on the top rail and improve visibility.
  • The switch on the side called the OTF system is located on the side of the marker and changes the gun from mag fed to hopper fed quickly and easily.
  • This gun was designed to be easy to maintain, with all standard service parts accessible in two turns or less.
  • The regulator is internal maintaining a clean, realistic look.


  • The DAM is heavy, it weighs Four and a quarter pounds.
  • The DAM has been known to have problems with leaking, especially in really cold weather. Some have recommended not using a tank pressurized with more than 550 psi to remedy the issue.
  • The feed neck screws are too short and too few for the weight of the hopper. After playing for a while the rotor loosens the screws, An extra screw would help, but some use lock tite, which makes the feed neck harder to remove.
  • Be careful when removing the feed neck in cold weather or if lock tite has been used, it has been known to strip the threads.
  • The battery wires will crimp if the battery pack is placed incorrectly.
  • On the regular DAM, the two piece barrel can get the first half stuck if it is screwed in too tight. It is screwed in too tight; you may only remove the tip, leaving the second half stuck since the shroud covers that part of the barrel.
  • The extra parts kit has no extra detents.
Dye Dam review Rating: 8.1/10

This concludes our review of the DAM Tactical marker Thanks for reading.