TOP 7 Best Cheap Airsoft Guns with Reviews: Guns for Any Budget

Is it Possible to get a solid, high-quality airsoft gun for cheap?

A low price on an airsoft gun does not always mean the gun is cheaply made or has bad quality.

If you do your homework you can find cheap but good airsoft guns, you just need to do a little investigation and educate yourself on A. What you want in a gun, and B. What makes a gun ‘good’.

What to look for before you buy an airsoft gun?

How Tough is Your Gun? – Rifle Resilience

Unless you play a position that requires you to stay under cover at all times, you will be moving around a lot. You may need to get to the floor quickly, jump, run and even slide, all with gun in tow.

You may hit things with the gun inadvertently in close quarter battle, and at times, you may even need to drop your gun to quickly get into position.

This means durability is an important factor when deciding on a gun. It stands to reason that metal is stronger than plastic, but for an affordable gun, you can expect it will have some plastic parts.

Airsoft guns for recreational play are usually replicas of real firearms, but they are often much lighter, and have plastic parts.

If you are using the airsoft gun for military or law enforcement training the gun will mimic the real deal as closely as possible.

This guide is for recreational airsoft game guns, not military or law enforcement training.

Some plastics, such as polymers and composite material can be very strong and completely acceptable for recreational play. The craftsmanship, performance and accuracy are JUST as important when choosing the best cheap airsoft guns.

A gun that performs well and is accurate, but has a lot of plastic can be a better choice than a gun with all metal internals but amd shoots inconsistently.

soldier with submachine gun rifle

Hitting Your Mark- Precision of the Gun

Barrel length can play a role in accuracy of the rifle to a point. The ideal length is around 450 mm for the most accurate airsoft gun, but going longer does not increase accuracy.

The bore size is important too because a more precise bore will not allow as much air to pass the bb. Air passing can distort the bbs trajectory. The issue is that a tight bore on a barrel is more likely to jam and means more maintenance.

Bore consistency is just as important as bore diameter when it comes to accuracy.

Bore consistency affects the performance of the gun because it affects the gun’s accuracy.

You can get a good cheap airsoft gun that has a high degree of accuracy if you research your options and choose carefully.

Range- How far can it shoot?

The hop up, which is a rubber nub installed on the top of the barrel puts a spin on the bb. The bb grazes the hop up as it exits the barrel and this spins the bb.

This spin causes the bb to shoot higher and therefore allows it to fly longer distances.

Good cheap airsoft guns will allow you to adjust the hop up, so you can adjust the range and spin, controlling the bb height as it flies. At a minimum, look for an adjustable hop-up.

Ammo- Magazines and Capacity

The airsoft guns magazine capacity has the potential to limit or extend your play, depending on how many bbs it can hold.

If you spend a lot of time on the field reloading, hat is time wasted, and time you are open to being hit without being able to return fire. Look for a magazine with at least 150 round capacity.

FPS, ROF, AEG, BPS: Acronyms Explained

FPS is an acronym that means feet per second. It is a measurement of the speed of the bb exiting the barrel.

The FPS is measured using a chronograph. Many fields limit the maximum FPS because the higher the FPS, the harder the BB hits the target. Generally, low end airsoft guns have lower FPS and Higher end guns have a higher FPS, but this is not always the case.

You can not judge a gun’s overall quality simply by the maximum FPS, you have to look at performance and accuracy too.

The rate of fire is how many rounds, or bbs your gun can fire in one second. Note: ROF, BPS, and RPS basically mean the same thing.

You will see this acronym a lot when comparing guns. AEG means Automatic Electric Gun. It is the most popular and common type of airsoft gun, especially in the mid to low budget range, although the least expensive guns are generally spring loaded guns.

AEG guns run on a battery which powers the motor. These guns are usually semi or fully automatic, so they can shoot bbs quickly in succession.

Best Guns for a Moderate Budget

KWA AKR-74M Airsoft Rifle

KWA VM4 Ronin T6 AEG 2.5 6mm Airsoft Rifle

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The KWA AKR-74M airsoft rifle is modeled after the AK-74, a 1970’s era assault rifle from the USSR.

The gun features realistic recoil and stops shooting when the mag is emptied. This gun does have some plastic and composite pieces such as the hand guard, grip and stock. The receiver and barrel are metal.

The gun is easy to use and easy to maintain. This gun is very realistic in look and feel to an actual AK47.


  • Electric recoil system for user feedback.
  • Front and rear site.
  • Optic side mount.
  • Folding stock.
  • Side rail for attachments.
  • From 380 to 410 FPS.


  • Does not include battery, must purchase a battery separately.


An AK model gun with realistic recoil feedback, high quality and performance, easily one of the best airsoft gun for those on a budget.

JG M16a1 AEG Airsoft Rifle Vietnam

jing gong m16 ufc fully automatic aeg airsoft rifle(Airsoft Gun)

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This JG M16A1 is an AEG airsoft rifle modeled after the M16 used in Vietnam.

This gun is accurate and has a a high capacity mag that will keep you focused on the game, not on refilling your mag. This gun is well made, performs well, and feels balanced while holding and shooting.


  • FPS from 350 to 360.
  • Semi and automatic firing mode.
  • Metal gear box, magazine and barrel, adjustable hop-up.


  • The hop up does not adjust properly all the time.


This is a high capacity accurate rifle that will help you hit your mark. The best airsoft gun for moderate budget with an M16 look.

Best Guns for a Tighter Budget

 Lancer Tactical Airsoft Interceptor AEG M4 Rifle

Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR (Black LT-25B)

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This AEG airsoft rifle shoots between 400 to 420 FPS. The gun has a metal high capacity magazine. The body is plastic polymer, the barrel and gearbox are metal.

The hop up is adjustable. Comes in black or tan. The range, high FPS and accuracy of this gun make it an excellent outdoor gun.


  • Battery and charger included.
  • Mag is included.
  • Link cable and cleaning rod included.
  • Front and rear sights are installed on the gun.
  • Semi and full automatic.
  • Muzzle break included.


  • Plastic mounting rails and sling clip.


This gun has great accuracy and range out of the box, without needing to upgrade. Overall, this could be the best airsoft gun for a tight budget and outdoor fields.

Lancer Tactical LT-0 4B M16 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun

LANCER TACTICAL Gen 2 Upgraded RIS LT-04 AEG Metal Gear Airsoft Gun,...

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This AEG airsoft rifle modeled after the M16 assult rifle includes a high capacity metal magazine, battery and charger and manual. Full metal gear box. The barrel is lined with copper on the inside for a precision finish that leads to excellent performance.

An affordable accurate and well performing gun. Accurate at 150 to 200 feet, making it great for outdoor games.


  • Metal sling clips.
  • Semi and auto firing modes.
  • Adjustable ho up.
  • Front and rear sights.
  • Copper inner barrel precision machined to 6.03mm.
  • Retractable stock.


  • Mostly plastic construction, externally


An affordable gun, that does not feel or perform like a cheap gun. The best airsoft gun under 200, hands down.

Best Guns for a Shoestring Budget

Some of the best cheap airsoft guns and best cheap airsoft pistols are affordable no matter how small your budget is. They may have a lot of plastic components, but plastic technology has improved over the years and composites or polymers are very durable.

This category is a great place for a new player to start searching.

Velocity 614 Airsoft Rifle Red Dot Version 2012

Velocity Airsoft l96 aw Spring Airsoft Gun (od Green), Full Scale,...

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This AEG airsoft M4 replica rifle was designed for close quarter combat with a 315 FPS, it will fit right in for close range shooting.

It is a plastic composite gun with a metal gear box and has an accurate red dot sight, ideal for close quarter games.


  • This rifle has an adjustable hop up and collapsible stock.
  • The rifle has ghilli rail system for add on accessories, and upgrades.
  • 250 bb high capacity magazine included.
  • Semi automatic and full auto firing modes.


  • This gun is made mostly from plastic.


This is an excellent low budget gun for close quarter battle and indoor fields. The best airsoft gun under for a very tight budget and indoor fields.

Soft Air FN SCAR-L Rifle

SOFT AIR USA FN Scar L AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle with Metal Gears,...

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This authentic looking Herstal SCAR-L airsoft rifle looks like the real thing. Much attention was given to the details of the gun, including the color, weight balance, engraved details and more.

This gun includes a grip pod in the front grip. Brass inter-barrel, metal gear box. This review is for the electric AEG rifle, but be aware, there is a spring loaded model available. This gun is accurate and performs well.


  • Front and rear metal sights.
  • Full rail.
  • Side and bottom metal rails.
  • 6 position side fold stock.
  • 260 FPS.
  • 200 bb mag is included.
  • Includes battery, charger and red dot site.
  • Adjustable hop up.
  • This gun can go semi automatic and full automatic (for the AEG version).


  • Battery can be challenging to remove.
  • Maintenance is a challenge.


This is a great replica gun with high quality parts for the beginner.

This concludes our reviews of the best cheap airsoft guns. Whatever you finally decide on, what matters most is getting out there and seeing some action, so what are you waiting for?

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