Guide to the Best Airsoft Masks with TOP Reviews

With so many types of airsoft masks available it can be hard to choose the right one.

Airsoft masks and goggles can be neoprene, plastic, mesh, full face, half face, goggles only or a goggle mask combo?

The choices seem endless.

You may be asking yourself how to choose the best airsoft mask setup when there are so many options available.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best airsoft masks and best airsoft goggles for your game.

Field Requirements and area regulations

Some fields make the choice easier by narrowing the selection based on the field requirements. Some fields do not allow mesh, for example.

If you plan to play on a field, check their face protection regulations before shopping for a mask or goggles.

Check state regulations as well because they vary.

In California, all players on a public field must wear a full face mask. Some states only require goggles but recommend you protect your teeth. It all depends on the regulations and what you are willing to risk.

More on that later in the guide.


Will they fog up?

Having your goggles fog up in the middle of battle is not only annoying, but potentially dangerous as it limits your ability to see.

To minimize the odds of your goggles fogging up, choose goggles with a thermal layer which cuts down on fogging.

Be careful cleaning goggles with a thermal layer because it can be damaged or lose its ability to inhibit fog if it is not cleaned properly.

Be sure air can circulate from the top edge of the goggles because warm humid air from your breath, a primary source of fog, travels up.

If you choose a full mask, be sure it allows for air ventilation from all sides, but check that the vent holes are small enough to prevent a BB from passing through, defeating the purpose of a protective mask.

Avoid goggles that make a tight seal because these trap fog causing moist air inside the goggles.

Some players say spraying the inside surface of the goggle or mask with Windex helps reduce fog, but check with the manufacturers care instructions to see if Windex is OK to use.

Do they protect your teeth and eyes from Airsoft BBs

What damage can a BB do to your face?

Your face is the most vulnerable to serious injury during airsoft.

Your face is also one of the most likely places you will be hit because you generally come out from cover face first, since the first thing you do before you leave your cover is LOOK to see if you are clear to leave.

Once you pop your head out from behind your cover, the enemy notices you and aims at the first part of you they see, your head.

BBs do not generally cause damage to the body because your clothes dampen the hit, but a BB to the eye can be devastating, cause vision problems or even loss of vision.

BBs also pose a risk to your mouth, where they can chip a tooth, or even knock one out if they hit it just right, an unlucky event several unmasked players have experienced.

Ask an experienced airsoft player who plays a lot if they have seen or know anyone who has damaged a tooth during airsoft and almost invariably, the answer will be yes.

A full face mask with small enough vent holes can prevent a direct hit from a BB to the eye or teeth. Half masks cover the mouth and should be worn in tandem with goggles.

Are you Playing indoor or out? – Full Face or Goggle only?

Keep in mind the area you are playing. Close quarter or urban play increases the chance that you will be hit with a close range fast moving BB.

Your face protection will need to be able to withstand a BB that could potentially be travelling at 350 feet per second or higher at close range, making a powerful hit.

Close quarter play relied less of using the gun sights, so being able to pull the sight close to your face to aim is not a huge consideration with indoor, close quarter play.

If you are playing outdoors, or in a sniper position, bringing the sight in tight will be very important, which is why some players who rely on sights use only goggles.

The mask can get in the way of effective use of the sight. So choose your airsoft mask setup based on the field you plan to play on.

Tips for choosing the best airsoft masks and best airsoft goggles.

airsoft sniper with pistol
Can’t I just use a paintball mask, they are basically the same thing right?

Not really. A paintball is larger and somewhat softer that a plastic BB. The vent holes on a paintball mask can be larger because a paintball has a much larger diameter and can not pass through the vent hole without breaking.

Many airsoft masks include the use of metal mesh, which is not a common feature of a paintball mask.

Paintballs burst on impact and would fly through mesh, getting paint in your eyes or mouth, potentially impairing your vision.

While is possible a BB can shatter when hitting mesh, it is not likely. Mesh in an airsoft gun provides much needed ventilation, because an airsoft mask can not have larger vent holes.

Mesh in the eye area is found in some airsoft masks, but because there is the potential for the BB to shatter, some fields will not allow mesh eye covers.

A common place to find mesh on an airsoft mask is the mouth area, and this makes sense, because it allows humid air from your breath to easily escape.

Before you choose an airsoft mask, carefully inspect the vent openings to see if a BB can pass thru.

Full mask vs Goggle + Mask combo, what’s ideal?

So, what’s better a full one piece mask, or a goggle and mask combo?

Using a mask and goggle combo allows you to remove one piece or the other, while keeping some protection in place. Imagine you need to take a drink of water, have a smoke, or clean something from your goggles. If you have a combo, you will not need to remove everything to do what you need to do.

What if I am a sniper and rely on a scope?

Some players who like to use their sight also like a half mask with goggles, so they can pull the half mask down allowing them to get the sight close to their face and in the proper position.

The sniper position, when played correctly, does not come out from cover much nor move around a lot, thus minimizing their chance of being hit at all. Many snipers get away with wearing a face wrap or iron mask over the cheeks and mouth.

The wrap will soften the blow of a BB, but is not suited for close quarter or potential short range hits. A wrap will allow the sniper to get the site close and in good position, which is why it chosen by some.

Will the mask fit me?

Worried that the mask will be too big or too small for your face? Airsoft masks usually come in one size so there’s not much choice to consider. These masks will fit most users with ease, but it’s always best to read the small print before making a purchase. There’s nothing more discouraging than falling in love with a mask only to learn that it’s too tight or too large when it finally arrives at your door.

Consequently, check the product specifications beforehand to make sure the mask will be a good fit for you. Some manufacturers will indicate the maximum head size or will list the measurements in detail. A lot of masks come with straps you can adjust to better fit your head.

On the same note, it’s a good idea to take a look at reviews left by previous buyers since they’re likely to get specific when it comes to sizing. As a general rule though, airsoft masks are ‘one size fits all,’ so there’s a good chance you’ll be happy with your purchase.

TOP Reviews: Best Airsoft Masks and Goggles

ESS Eyewear Profile Turbofan Goggles

ESS Eyewear Profile Turbofan Goggles, Black
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These military and law enforcement grade goggles come with a clear lens, smoke lens, user manual and cleaning cloth.

This fan incorporates a fan that has two speed settings causing air flow and preventing fogging. The goggles also have top vents that allow hot rising air to escape.

List of Pros

  • 2.8 mm polycarbonate lens.
  • Antimicrobial foam, high quality durable construction.
  • Two speed fan.
  • 35mm wide adjustable strap.
  • An battery included 150 hours use per battery.
  • Soft carry case included.
  • Compatible with masks, helmets and night vision equipment.

List of Cons

  • Fan is noisy.


These military grade goggles prevent fog in even the coldest weather. The best goggles for airsoft we reviewed.

Army of two Invader King Airsoft Mask

INVADER KING Army of Two Airsoft Mask Protective Gear Outdoor Sport...
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These intimidating full face fiberglass airsoft  mask have anti fog wide vision spider man style lenses that are 10mm thick to give protection for even fast, close range BBs.

The masks come with several decorative options which you have to see to appreciate.

List of Pros

  • These lenses are thick enough to protect at close range.
  • Full face coverage.
  • Intimidating look, great morale builder.
  • Two sets of adjustable straps and internal padding for a secure fit.  

List of Cons

  • Can get hot, not well vented, best for mild climates, not too hot nor very cold.


If the look of the mask is as important as how well it protects, this mask is for you. These are some of the best airsoft masks for full coverage.

Save Phace Intimidator Tactical Diss Series Airsoft Mask

Save Phace 3011421 OD1 Dope Series Tactical Mask
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This full face airsoft mask has a shiny outer shell, and clear lens.

The mask comes with plugs to block the vent holes, which only applies to paintball play.

The vent holes are small enough to prevent passage of a BB, so it works well as an airsoft mask. Durable professional grade lens that is suitable for close quarters and short range combat.

List of Pros

  • Thermal lens.
  • Made in The United States.
  • Smaller mask, good for young players.

List of Cons

  • The mask could use more vents.


An affordable mask that protects well and works for younger players. Best airsoft mask for teen players.

OutdoorMaster Airsoft Mask Metal Mesh Eye Full Face

OutdoorMaster Airsoft Mask - Full Face Mask with Mesh Eye Protection...
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This full face mask features metal mesh eye covers, completely eliminating any chance of fog.

The mask is made of flexible plastic and has padding in the inside for a comfortable fit.

The straps attach at 6 points on the mask and secure it very well.

List of Pros

  • Great straps.
  • Menacing look.
  • Full face protection.
  • Can be worn over goggles for added protection.
  • Mesh eyes.

List of Cons

  • Ventilation could be better.


This fun mask protects the whole face and can not fog since the eye covers are metal mesh.

Valken V-TAC Sierra Airsoft Goggles

Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle-Clear lens,One Size
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These goggles feature high impact lenses with a thermal layer using  thermal lens technology. Truly anti fog goggles.

Large adjustable strap that can fit over a helmet and snaps open completely. Wide peripheral vision. Protect against fast BBs shot in close quarters or short range.

List of Pros

  • Notches in the rubber at the top and bottom around the eyes allow for some air circulation.
  • These goggles are comfortable with good visibility.
  • This half mask has a very low profile, and can be worn under other gear and works well for snipers.

List of Cons

  • No face protection, should be worn with half mask.


A high quality and affordable goggles for pairing with a half mask.

This concludes our reviews of the best face masks and best goggles for airsoft.

We hope you find the perfect mask for your next airsoft game.

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