Airsoft vs Paintball – Which is more Fun? The Debate ENDS here!

Are you sick and tired being roped into yet another debate about which sport is better? I have a secret for you. The answer is both and neither.

Beginners Guide to Best Pump Paintball Guns with TOP 5 Reviews

Listen, Can I be totally honest with you? Many first time paintball gun purchases are a mistake. Either the gun is poorly machined and manufactured, breaking easily, requiring repairs and downtime or the marker is the wrong type of gun for the players position, level

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Best Paintball Masks and Reviews 2018 - TOP 10

Paintball has gained immense popularity as a sport in the past few years. In fact, it has become one of the most entertaining activities which young people like to indulge in for a few hours of pure action-packed fun. However, when it comes to choosing

Some Crazy Facts And Statistics About Paintball

If you think you know everything about paintball, check out these facts. Some facts and statistics you didn’t know about paintball. Do you know paintball is the most popular extreme sport in the United States?